Google Assistant can now read webpages in 42 languages



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Tech giant Google showcased the ability of Google Assistant to read the webpages earlier this year at the consumer electronics show 2020. The company has now started rolling out the feature for all users.

Google has started rolling out the article-reading feature of Google Assistant. With this feature, Google Assistant will be able to read webpages aloud. In order to use the feature, users have said the command, ‘Hey Google, read it’ or ‘Hey Google, read this page’.

After this, the Google Assistant will start reading. The screen of the device will also highlight the text which the Assistant will be reading at that time. In order to skip the Assistant to the other section, users just have to tap on the screen and move forward. Along with this, users can also adjust the speed at which Google Assistant will read the text.

The company has also said that the feature will come with support for 42 languages. This means the webpage can be translated into 42 languages and the Assistant will be able to read it aloud. The feature will really come handy for the users who are not able to read the small text or if you are doing something then you can ask the Assistant to read the text for you. For instance, if you are following a recipe then you can ask the Google Assistant to read it.

The company has started rolling out the feature for all Android users.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Google will integrate its Assistant in every Tile tracker. The tech giant has entered into a partnership with Tile, as part of which Google will integrate its digital assistant in the original Mate and miniature Tile tracker. Tile is a Bluetooth tracker that you can attach to things that are easy to lose including your keys, wallet or remote.

As per Google, users will also be able to ask the Nest device to ring their Tile or give the most recent location. You can use the Assistant on any Nest device, like the Nest Mini or Nest Hub, to ring your Tile, or check your Tile’s last seen location.


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