Genshin Effects Xinqiu Construct and Lore



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Title: Xingqiu

Vision: Hydro

Birthday: 9 October

Constellation: Fabulae Textile

Titles: Juvenile Galant, Guhua Guru of Feiyun Fame, Young Learn of the Feiyun Commerce Guild, “Zhenyu”

Xingqiu is just one of the factors of the ‘National Group,’ just one of the strongest workforce compositions in Genshin Effects. His injury reduction qualities and reliable software of Hydro make him a practical character who can in good shape several compositions.

His E helps make him slash an space in front of him twice, working Hydro DMG. It also summons Rain Swords that take a portion of problems and utilize the Wet standing on close by enemies. With his Hydropathic passive means (received upon the next ascension), a shattered or expired Rain Sword heals the lively character for 6% of Xingqiu’s max HP.

His Burst keeps the Rain Swords at their greatest quantity. Although it’s in impact, normal assaults summon Rainbow Bladework Hydro Blades that offer elemental harm to targets. Rain Swords designed by the Burst seem distinct from the ones that seem when applying E.

The default greatest selection of Rain Swords Xingqiu can build is three, but a constellation enhance delivers it up to four. His Burst has a high power expense, compounded by a long cooldown for his E talent. Nonetheless, the latter capability gives a generous amount of particles, so it really should be manageable with more than enough Energy Recharge.

Genshin Impact Xingqiu Builds


With a target on finding his Burst regularly, you’ll need some Strength Recharge. The good thing is, the Emblem of Severed Fate is accessible now. With bonuses to ER and a damage boost based on the stat, this boosts your characters’ injury output.

Doable Sets: Emblem of Severed Destiny, a combination of Heart of Depth and Noblesse Oblige

Major Stats: ATK% or Strength Recharge, Hydro DMG Bonus, Crit Rate/DMG

Substats: Crit DMG/Amount, ATK, ER


At the price of DPS, Xingqiu can be a healer or ATK buff assistance with the Noblesse Oblige established. Emblem of Severed Fate is continue to an alternative, but hurt output will be much less thanks to the emphasis on HP alternatively of ATK.

Achievable Sets: Noblesse Oblige, Emblem of Severed Destiny, a blend of both of the two talked about sets, and Tenacity of the Millelith

Principal Stats: 3x HP, or with ER timepiece or Hydro DMG Reward cup

Substats: HP, ER

Off-Meta Blizzard Strayer Create

Back again when there were being no dependable Cryo DPS characters like Ayaka or Ganyu, this was a construct that could give one. It utilizes Chongyun’s infusion ability, generating Xingqiu a temporary Cryo user. It is also uncomplicated to entry the Freeze reaction with the staff composition. Of program, there are other improved solutions now, but if you need a Cryo DPS, this can fill in for the second.

Principal Stats: ATK% or Strength Recharge, Cryo DMG Bonus, Crit DMG/Charge (with Blizzard Strayer, Crit Charge is less of an challenge)

Substats: Crit DMG/Rate, ATK, ER


Xingqiu does not have a signature weapon. Nevertheless, owing to his great synergy with Sacrificial Sword, it has develop into his weapon from the players’ views. It solves his strength era problems and allows him recharge his Burst immediately with two makes use of of his Elemental Ability. Even now, there are other alternate options, these kinds of as:

  • Primordial Jade Cutter
  • Skyward Blade
  • Mistsplitter Reforged
  • Festering Wish
  • Favonius Sword
  • Blackcliff Longsword
  • Amenoma Kageuchi
  • Iron Sting
  • Harbinger of Dawn
  • Filet Blade
  • Awesome Metal

Make sure to match the sword with the build you want!

Genshin Affect Xingqiu’s Lore (Backstory)

Xingqiu is an avid bookworm and thus devours textbooks frequently. On the other hand, to the despair of his much more business-minded father and brother, his most loved style is martial arts novels. The reader examine all the textbooks on commerce and organization after, then hollowed them out to put in the tales. He examine them in class, and he was by no means caught.

Still, all his reading has presented Xingqiu awareness across a wide variety of topics, and he could immediately learn issues at a quick tempo. Even his more mature brother thinks he will sometime be an asset to the guild.

Whilst Xingqiu remains polite to strangers and acquaintances, he’s more outgoing and mischievous with mates. His typical prank target is an exorcist named Chongyun, mostly by getting the Cryo consumer to try to eat incredibly hot points or foremost him to booby-trapped places. Xingqiu considers the exorcist a pal, but the other undoubtedly resents this aspect of him.

To stop Xingqiu from expending all day in the Wanwen Bookstore, his father allowed him to master martial arts. When our courageous bookworm came to the dojo, he understood that the Guhua Clan was dying, and the dojo was rented for appearances.

His father experienced not counted on Xingqiu’s intelligence and intuition. Remaining effectively-go through in a variety of novels, he was a savant in many disciplines. He ended up single-handedly reviving the complete Guhua Clan. He determined to learn everything, no issue how extensive it would get.

Xingqiu thinks in chivalry, and for him, it usually means to do good and be very good. Just before he bought his Vision, he could only aspiration of currently being a hero and practicing his model of chivalry. Obtaining his Eyesight opened so a lot of doors and permitted him to live his fantasy at the time in a while.

Xingqiu is also a renowned light-weight novel writer. Following examining so many novels, he tried his hand at producing a person. Regrettably, it did not acquire in Liyue. No publisher wished to take on his guide, which was greatly criticized as bland and uninteresting. Undeterred, Xingqiu printed a couple of copies and sneaked them into Wanwen Bookstore.

It paid out off, as an Inazuman traveler picked it up and liked it. The duplicate boomed in acceptance in Inazuma, with the Yae Publishing House inquiring for illustrations. This was the commencing of Xingqiu’s partnership with Calx, an artist from Mondstadt.

A lot of have experimented with emulating A Legend of Sword, but none have arrive shut but. The novel is still the reigning quantity just one novel in Inazuma and, incredibly, Fontaine.

The Irodori Festival hosted a reserve signing for Zhenyu (Xingqiu’s pen name), which he was troubled about. Commonly, Xingqiu has terrible, pretty much unintelligible handwriting. The only duplicate he signed was just one he cautiously and bit by bit wrote to make it gorgeous. Doing that for hundreds of guides for lovers is impossible. Very good factor Kazuha thought up an straightforward option throughout the occasion.

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