Genshin Effects Razor Construct and Lore

Name: Razor

Eyesight: Electro

Birthday: 9 September

Constellation: Lupus Minor

Titles: Wolf Boy, Legend of Wolvendom

Razor excels as a Bodily destruction vendor much more than an Electro a single in Genshin Impact. He does not use any infusions, even though working with his Burst would make him attack with consistent elemental DMG. Continue to, most of his damage output is from his AA than something else. Also, until eventually Cyno was launched, he was the only male playable Electro character.

Claw and Thunder (E) has various effects when pressed or held. The former will make Razor attack with an Electro-infused slash, granting him an Electro Sigil. That improves his Electrical power Recharge, and he can have up to three simultaneously. Holding the button spends all the sigils he has and discharges Electro in an region about him. He gains power depending on how numerous Electro Sigils he spends.

With his initially passive skill, the cooldown on Claw and Thunder shortens, and employing Lightning Fang will reset it. Also, yet another application of his E is mining, as the charged model can wipe out ores in a single strike (like Zhongli’s held E). If you really do not have the Geo Archon, Razor is a suited replacement.

Lightning Fang (Q) summons his wolf soul to battle alongside him. He nonetheless offers Actual physical DMG (as talked about previously mentioned) though the soul assaults with Electro. Activating this will also distinct his sigils if there are any. You can use Claw and Thunder inside its length. Apart from individuals described, Razor also will get enhanced resistance to interruption, immunity to Electro-Billed damage, and elevated Electro RES. Lastly, his billed attack is disabled while the talent is lively.

Applying Razor has a basic but efficient rotation. Weave in his E with the normal attack combo if he does not have any cost. On obtaining 3 sigils, maintain E (probable to totally cost his Burst), activate Q, and weave in E with ordinary attacks. Repeat right up until the enemy is useless.

Of course, you are going to also have to include things like your other figures in the rotation to assist him, particularly Rosaria or Diona. Individuals two can inflict Cryo on enemies even when off-area (with their Burst), so they are outstanding associates to activate the Superconduct response. It offers a Phys DMG RES debuff, great for Razor.

Genshin Affect Razor Make

There’s only a person way to establish Razor, and that is as a Bodily on-industry DPS. That boundaries his artifact possibilities to Pale Flame and Bloodstained Chivalry. Gladiator’s Finale is your final resort. It will not be as excellent as the other two sets, but it is serviceable.

As talked about, he is not an Electro DPS like most other people with the same Eyesight ingredient, other than possibly Fischl. She’s a multipurpose character with builds for the two off and on-area use. Razor is not as flexible, so he’s trapped with this make.

Attainable Artifacts: Pale Flame, 2x Pale Flame and 2x Bloodstained Chivalry, Gladiator’s Finale, Martial Artist

Main Stats: ATK%, Phys DMG Reward, Crit Rate/DMG

Substats: Crit DMG/Price, ATK, EM


Razor doesn’t have a signature weapon, while many gamers attribute Wolf’s Gravestone to him. However the greatsword’s lore refers to the Knight of Boreas and his Wolf, they continue to really feel it suits Razor since of his upbringing. Nonetheless, there are other solutions for him, this kind of as:

  • Music of Damaged Pines
  • Skyward Satisfaction
  • The Unforged
  • Serpent Backbone
  • Prototype Archaic
  • Snow-Tombed Starsilver
  • Royal Greatsword
  • Discussion Club
  • Akuoumaru
  • Bloodtainted Greatsword
  • Skyrider Greatsword

Genshin Affect Razor’s Lore (Backstory)

Razor grew up in Wolvendom between wolves. When he was young, he loved a carefree existence. Consume when hungry, swim when warm, and obtain berries when thirsty. He basks in the solar when it is out and huddles with a furry friend in a tree hollow when it’s raining.

As Andrius had taught, the wolves are his relatives, his ‘lupical.’ Lifestyle was great, even if he could not try to remember his mom and dad.

Even though he realized he was not that intelligent, Razor realized his variances from the other wolves he understood. His fur grew only on his head, and he had fingers in its place of paws. It was a thought introduced about by the go to of a tall man. The man wanted to bring him back to Mondstadt, but the wolves protected him. He stayed with the pack and determined that irrespective of whether he was a wolf or human, it did not issue.

The tall man did not push Razor to return with him but frequented frequently. He taught the wolf boy to battle with a greatsword and gave him a name. Razor wondered how crucial text were because the male under no circumstances launched himself prior to disappearing.

That tall person nevertheless taught him an essential word, ‘friends.’ Razor did not fully grasp it at first. He requested his grasp, Lisa, but she in no way answered. He puzzled about the word right up until he met Klee. The smaller girl joined him in several functions, and he felt like he was a wolf-pup yet again, having enjoyable and getting into (and out of) issues.

He realized good friends are practically the exact same as lupical, so he treats his good friends as cherished as he treats family.

In the game’s 3.1 patch function, Of Ballads and Brews, a little bit far more about Razor’s background is revealed. Grand Master Varka was the tall male who taught Razor how to battle with a greatsword. Also, he realized Razor’s mother and father and was probably the one particular who sent Lisa to the wolf boy.

Throughout the celebration, Varka despatched a postscript to Lisa, which includes directions on wherever to come across a box that contains some objects from Razor’s dad and mom. The latter, along with the Traveler, decide to display Razor the deal, which leads to them making an attempt their hand at brewing ‘Thousand Wind Wine.’

Simply because the wine remembers when it was brewed, Razor (and the player) sees a quick discussion involving his mother and father. It confirmed that the couple was component of the Adventurers’ Guild, and they were the kinds to pick out the name ‘Razor.’ He also inherited his white hair from his mom. Continue to, any other resemblance is not shown since we only see their backs.

Razor is happy for the glimpse of his dad and mom but still continues to be articles to enjoy life with his mates, his lupical.

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