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Golden Slumber is a rather lengthy quest chain in Genshin Affect. It will just take you to the depths of Sumeru Desert, exploring historical ruins and intricate contraptions as you go alongside. Here’s our Genshin Influence Golden Slumber Missing in the Sands manual to assistance you with the Abdju Pit ruins puzzles and the Scarlet Sand Slate item.

Note: For extra information about the recreation, test out our Genshin Effect guides and functions hub. You can also consider a glance at our main tutorial for the Golden Slumber quest chain.


Genshin Affect Golden Slumber quest guide – Lost in the Sands, Abdju Pit ruins, and Scarlet Sand Slate

Just after conference the archaeologists and mercs, Tirzad will open the doorway that qualified prospects further into the Abdju Pit ruins. In the first space, you will see a matrix robot enemy, a Sacred Seal: Sheep Head, and a product that asks you for your clearance.

You just cannot do something about the past a single. In its place, head to exactly where the Dendroculus is and trip the elevator down.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate 1

Adhere to the Seelie as it prospects you by the corridors. Eventually, you’ll get there at a different chamber. Here’s what you will see:

  • A Seelie will go by means of the locked doorway that can only be opened by way of the sealed switch.
  • An “Oddish” (of course, I’ll get in touch with it that) floating all over.
  • Three Pyro totems that can be lit.
  • A single spectral totem that you just cannot interact with.

To address this puzzle, simply just use an Electro potential on the Oddish as it passes close to the spectral totem. This will result in the Catalyze response, triggering the solidified totem to materialize.

Be aware: If you accidentally burned the Oddish with Pyro, use Dendro on it so it begins transferring again.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate 2

Open up the sealed doorway to place an additional clearance panel that you just cannot use. Then, head down the flight of stairs to decide up the Sacred Seal: Valley merchandise.

Subsequent, there’s a quick discussion with the NPCs. Ride the elevator to the best and interact with the curious-seeking machine. Jeht will title it Benben, but I’m tempted to phone it 343 Genshin Spark.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate 3

In any case, chat to the group when far more. 343 Genshin Spark will lead to Tirzad’s gadget to light up. He’ll hand it more than.

This is the Scarlet Sand Slate merchandise in Genshin Impact. With it, you are going to be equipped to interact with the panels and other objects in King Deshret’s ruins. It won’t perform for all due to the demanded clearance level, but it really should be plenty of for this region.

Genshin Impact Golden Slumber Lost In The Sands Abdju Pit Ruins Scarlet Sand Slate 4

Listed here are the up coming actions:

  • Journey the elevator back again to the upper flooring and open the door. Decide on up the keystone and stand on top of the ornate slab to spawn a focusing beam.
  • In the future area, you are going to see a few of keystones and two plates. Get one particular of them at a time to generate the objects on each individual plate. Rotate these so the beams take out the seal.
  • Never overlook to choose up the Sacred Seal: Giant Serpent pill.
  • Just take out the mobs in the very last place.

When you are completed, comply with the marker to head back exterior. An additional NPC will greet you, and a Seelie is also there to guidebook your way to the exit. Once you are exterior, the Shed in the Sands portion of the Golden Slumber quest in Genshin Impression will be accomplished. This is followed by an additional aspect known as An Introduction to Indoor Archaeology.

Note: If you go the opposite direction in the tunnels, you’ll close up in the Sobek Oasis Temple. This, as well, has a challenge/puzzle that you can do utilizing the Scarlet Sand Slate.

Genpct Gldslm2 Lstdes 3

Genshin Effect is obtainable by means of its formal website. For additional information and facts, look at out our guides and capabilities hub.

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