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Identify: Qiqi

Eyesight: Cryo

Birthday: 3 March

Constellation: Pristina Nola

Titles: Icy Ressurection, Pharmacist of the Bubu Pharmacy, Fortune Preserver

With the arrival of the Ocean-Hued Clam established, Qiqi receives a new lease on un-demise in Genshin Effect. Despite the fact that gamers do appreciate her means to recover the celebration, she is nonetheless an underappreciated character. Only a several players would rejoice obtaining her from wishing.

Her E ability sends out the Herald of Frost, which attacks nearby enemies with Cryo DMG while therapeutic the character remaining made use of. If it is out and Qiqi hits an opponent, she can grant therapeutic to the party by a proportion of her ATK.

Her Burst marks opponents in just selection with a Fortune-Preserving Talisman. When hitting the marked targets, the lively character in the party is healed for a part of Qiqi’s ATK. It also damages enemies with Cryo DMG in an space all over Qiqi.

Like Jean, she’s an ATK healer, this means earning her a DPS and healer is less complicated. In addition, she’s a Cryo unit, which is 1-fifty percent of a Superconduct reaction to boost Phys DMG. That is her principal way of attacking.

She has a challenge with electricity era given that her E only creates particles when it hits a marked enemy. Also, she doesn’t have any other utility means. She’s possibly a healer, damager, or each, and which is it.

Genshin Influence Qiqi Builds

Pure Healer/Aid

This focuses on increasing Qiqi’s ATK to increase her healing. Hurt is only a secondary precedence to this create. Tenacity provides her further utility, but she has no use for the HP enhance unless of course utilizing the Primordial Jade Cutter.

Attainable Sets: Maiden Beloved, a combination of that and Ocean-Hued,  Tenacity of the Millelith, Noblesse Oblige

Main Stats: 3x ATK% or Vitality Recharge, ATK%, Therapeutic Reward

Substats: ATK, Energy Recharge

Pure DPS

With this construct, Qiqi’s healing falls off a minimal bit, but she attacks with extra drive. Use Superconduct to enhance injury even a lot more!

Attainable Sets: Pale Flame, a mixture of that and Bloodstained Chivalry, Gladiator’s Finale

Most important Stats: ATK%, Phys DMG Reward, Crit Price/DMG

Substats: Crit DMG/Price, ATK, Power Recharge

Use Healing to Attack A lot more

The construct brings the very best of both equally worlds with the Ocean-Hued Clam established. It offers some Healing Reward and a bubble that accumulates up to 30k of overflow healing. When it pops, it releases all of it as injury. If you can consistently get to the optimum amount, that is 30k for every tick of Bodily DMG!

Be aware that you can only stack therapeutic when other figures also have on 4 parts of Ocean-Hued Clam. It doesn’t make any difference if it’s in co-op mode or your own bash. The destruction from the bubbles also gets impacted by Superconduct, so make use of the response!

Artifact Established: Ocean-Hued Clam

Principal Stats: 3x ATK% or Phys DMG Reward goblet and Therapeutic Bonus hat

Substats: ATK, Elemental Mastery


Qiqi does not particularly have a signature weapon. Having said that, there are a couple advisable weapons for her:

  • Aquila Favonia
  • Skyward Sword
  • Summit Shaper
  • Primordial Jade Cutter
  • Sacrificial Sword
  • Prototype Rancour
  • The Flute
  • Favonius Sword

Sacrificial Sword and the Aquila Favonia (for a much more DPS-oriented Qiqi) are the greatest weapons for her. 1 solves her prolonged cooldowns, and the other is a Actual physical DMG-boosting sword with a in a natural way higher Base ATK. Sadly, the latter is a 5-star weapon you should get lucky for.

Genshin Affect Qiqi Lore (Backstory)

Not a lot is acknowledged about Qiqi ahead of she was trapped in amber. She was an ordinary herb-picker, doing what she normally does in the mountain. Unknowingly, she experienced crossed the boundaries of adepti land and wounded her leg in a slide. Scurrying into a cave for shelter and relaxation, she bought caught in an altercation in between adepti and demon.

She acquired trapped in the middle of lifestyle and loss of life in the crossfire. The adepti, recognizing she was an harmless, could not bear to enable her die, and both combatants poured ability into her. Her petite human body could not acquire the outpouring, however properly-intentioned the beings were. Mountain Shaper was compelled to seal her in amber.

Centuries later, citizens of Liyue located Qiqi’s amber ‘tomb’ and got ready to prepare it for burial in the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. Throughout transport, the stone got knocked about. That, together with the erosion of time’s passage on the seals on Qiqi, she broke them, woke in the center of the evening, and escaped.

Subsequent her old behaviors of herb-choosing, she ran for the hills and met Baizhu. The medical doctor took her in, regardless of her forgetfulness and rigid way. Qiqi approved, even however he could possibly have ulterior motives for accomplishing so. Even then, his worry is evident, and Qiqi appreciates it, even though she may possibly not often don’t forget.

Now, she’s a pharmacist and herb picker for the Bubu Pharmacy. She stretches just about every night to stay clear of remaining stiff. Also, it helps prevent her from hopping about like a standard jiangshi (hopping zombie). Owing to escaping in the course of transport, Hu Tao, the Director of Wangsheng, keeps trying to come across Qiqi to continue the interrupted ritual. The zombie has no intentions of getting buried, so Qiqi has hated the Director at any time given that. Even though Hu Tao has acknowledged Qiqi’s existence, the zombie doesn’t want to reconcile.

The 77th Director is also why Qiqi prefers performing exercises at night time.

She likes her petite system. It is great for swift actions, although it’s uncomplicated to undervalue her. Some enterprising Treasure Hoarders assumed she’d be an easy concentrate on, but Qiqi proved them improper. With her stoic experience, she unleashes the entire energy her entire body holds. That lets her to defeat the intruders with simplicity. Afterward, she restrains it once extra for day-to-day life.

Another matter that sets Qiqi aside from other jiangshi is her learn. Normal zombies have to have a learn to give them orders. Normally, they won’t consider any motion by on their own. Since Qiqi woke up with no 1 to command her, she received the unusual means to give herself instructions. When she can explain to herself to do very simple items like “do stretches at midnight,” complex ones with a number of techniques tend to get her stuck.

She should do as she commands even when she simply cannot, generating a loop wherever she attempts and tries to do her activity right until she succeeds. In this sort of scenarios, her instructions have to be reset by another person. Generally, that’s Baizhu, who hugs her from driving and declares, “I enjoy you the most!” or a thing comparable. However, the physician hardly ever suggests it with considerably sincerity, diminishing the effects. It does get the position accomplished, and she receives unstuck from her command loop.

The previous unique issue about Qiqi is her notebook. Since she is familiar with she’s forgetful, everything she wants to try to remember is created on it. Matters like calisthenics workout routines, herb descriptions, and even some commands for herself. The latter is written precisely to ensure easy transitions for the subsequent working day.

She has accrued so considerably details that it is pretty much a dummy’s manual on something. Having said that, if Qiqi forgets to seem at it, will she nevertheless be herself?

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