Funeral Messages: What To Write On The Memorial Card

Words can never do justice if you have to express your condolences to the loved ones. This is when it is easy to feel irritated yet helpless. Some of you might not be able to find a suitable message for the funeral picture board. Thus, if you face the same issue, this guide will help you understand what to write on the memorial card.

What to write?

If you are someone who is finding the right wording for the card or the funeral photo display boards, you have come to the right page. We have broken down the procedure to help you write an appropriate wish. Make sure you follow the steps below.

  1. Let’s get started with a greeting: Before everything, you purchase a suitable card for the ceremony. Keep everything simple and start with “dear”. You can also write the name of the deceased soul. However, you may want to use the plural of the last name of the departed soul in case the letter is intended for the entire family.
  2. Convey your condolence: Make sure you give your sympathy and let the family of the gone soul know that you are with them in this tough time. 
  3. Sharing a memory never goes wrong: What will you miss the most about the departed soul? The memories of the time you have spent together? Well, these beautiful memories make a fantastic addition to the letter.
  4. Tell them that you miss them already: One very common thing is to end the letter by explaining how much they will be missed after all it’s the memories that stay now.
  5. Do not forget about the sign off: Once you are finished writing the letter, do not forget to select a suitable sign off for the same. How about writing warmly, truly or sincerely before your name? 

Funeral card messages

No matter whether you are expressing your condolence to your best friend or a family member, it is essential to get it done in the right manner.

Messages for the family

  1. How about starting the message with the name of the departed  soul? Write “remembering” (name); you will always remain in our hearts. May he/she stay in the memories and rest in peace.
  2. I cannot believe that (name) is no more between us. It is not possible to imagine my life without him/her (name). My prayers to the family!
  3. What a unique soul he/she (name) was. Rest in peace
  4. Words will never be justice if I had to express my feelings on the sudden death (name). You will be missed. I just want you to know that we are there with the family in these tough times.
  5. Now the tears have dried, and we only have the memories left. I am praying that we can comfort the family throughout. 
  6. I am not able to believe that he/she (name) is not with us. I pray that (name) has found a place with god.

The final word

These are some of the points you need to keep in mind when writing a message/letter on a funeral card. We understand that it is a difficult time. However, you will get over this as the memories stay back. Add the messages mentioned above in the card and express your condolence to the gone soul and his/her family. By chance you are carrying some flowers with yourself, you can add the same messages on them. If you do not find a suitable one, there is no harm in searching the internet for the same. 

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