7 Fashion Brands Approved by the Sustainable Movement

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Several years ago, the idea of sustainable fashion wasn’t all that popular. It invited images of old, worn out clothes or really boring garments that couldn’t inspire a shred of inspiration, but today things have changed.

Now, most people are embracing both their love of all things fashionable and their desire to become more eco-friendly, and it’s easier than ever to shop sustainably.

Still, there’s a lot of greenwashing around, and consumers aren’t all that sure who they can trust to truly provide them with ethically-made pieces that they can use on a daily basis. But that’s why we’re here—to help you find the right brands and make sure you can fully enjoy your style, here are some of the best companies that you can pick.


Founded by a woman called Kit Willow, KitX has become a well-recognized brand that even Emma Watson enjoys.

From frilly loose dresses with a high waist to edgy denim pieces that look perfect for a rock star, this brand is not only sustainable but innovative.

The design is fresh and unique, and ladies who love luxury and high-class style will love browsing through their shops. Bear in mind that this brand is on the more expensive side, but if you’re looking to treat yourself to something made of high-quality that will last you a long time, this is a very nice option.


This lovely, thoughtful Australian brand has some of the softest, most comfortable garments you’ll ever touch.

Everything they make comes from the highest-quality bamboo viscose, so you can be sure that their cozy organic clothing is both ethical and totally gorgeous.

The minimalist approach to design makes for some truly versatile, elegant pieces, and their basic women’s underwear is so well-made that it feels practically weightless against your skin. If you need affordable, trustworthy pieces that you can wear every day, this is a great choice.


Reformation is luxurious and very feminine.

They offer lovely dresses with beautiful silhouettes, and you can see a lot of animal print that’s done in such a subtle, unimposing way that you’ll enjoy the pure sophistication of it.

The best thing about them is that they’ve committed themselves to keep improving constantly—while most of their practices are totally sustainable and ethical, they wish to invest in clean water solutions and help plant more forests to offset the water usage and CO2 emission made by the production of their clothing.

Girlfriend Collective

This brand prides itself on its transparency, and they only make garments from recycled fabrics and are very open about the exact process used in the production.

They offer plus-size options and do their best to be completely inclusive, so anyone can find good fashion that’s totally stylish but won’t break the bank.

There are a lot of classic pieces you can find, but they come in beautiful, bright colors that will thrill anyone who doesn’t want a monotonous wardrobe and can’t wait to find something eye-catching to rock every day.


Extremely opposed to sweatshop labor, Everlane pays their workers a fair wage and produces clothing that’s made to last instead of getting torn up after one season.

They mostly stick to solid colors, but they make such stunningly pretty basics that you can easily mix and match their garments to create very elegant outfits.

Modern, simple, and perfectly stylish, this is a great brand for gals who are in need of some office-appropriate garments to wear to work.


Possibly the most affordable brand on the list, thredUp has gained popularity over the years as one of the best thrift stores around.

Everything they offer is upcycled but it looks brand new, and you can find anything from maternity clothes to cute leather jackets.

If you like thrifting and don’t mind wearing gently-used garments, this isn’t a bad option at all.


Another brand that does its best to be inclusive, PACT is Fair Trade Factory Certified and offers items made of soft organic cotton.

Known for their flattering cuts and inclusivity when it comes to sizes, they’re great if you’re looking for good leggings, dresses, and cute tops and hoodies.  You’ll have a lot of layering options and can find stuff that’s perfect for this time of the year, so make sure to check out their line because their clothes are really cozy and well-made.

Vowing to shop sustainably is a great New Year’s resolution to make! Now that you know which brands are trustworthy, you’ll have no trouble finding perfect getups for all your holiday celebrations and everyday wear.

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