Fallen Dynasty – 10 New Aspects You Need to have To Know



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Koei Tecmo has struck gold with its faster and far more mythology-oriented normally takes on Soulslikes, with Nioh and its sequel equally taking pleasure in terrific significant and professional reception. The developer’s future challenge, Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty is hunting like a purely natural evolution of the concepts and concepts discovered in the studio’s previous releases, and we now have tons of new details about the activity thanks to the not long ago introduced no cost-to-participate in demo which will be out there on latest-gen console platforms until finally 25th September. We have played through the demo, and in this article are 10 new issues that you have to have to know about Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty.

Classes And How They Work

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Wo Extended: Fallen Dynasty follows the Soulslike rulebook really intently in this regard, and immediately upon setting up a new activity – players will be prompted to choose from one particular of the offered classes. There are 5 lessons to choose from, and each and every is based mostly on a specified ingredient and specializes in one particular particular facet like debuffs, stealth, assault, protection, and the like. Every of these lessons also arrives with a Beast that has powers linked with the element of the course.

Of class, you are no cost to spend details in any of these stats once you get started the primary sport – allowing for you to craft hybrid builds that excel in far more than 1 part of overcome. Oh, and there is also a in-depth character customization process that you can use to alter your character’s seems to be to your heart’s content material.

Assaults and Spirit Gauge

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Wo Very long: Fallen Dynasty gives a good deal of methods to wreak havoc on their enemies, and at the epicenter of it all is the Spirit Gauge. It is a good deal like Sekiro’s posture process, but it has some nuances that support distinguish it from its inspirations. You can use accrued good spirit to phone Beasts, but if your spirit gauge reaches a unfavorable limit – you will be momentarily surprised.

More than on the offensive facet of matters, Wo Long functions two styles of assaults – a normal mild assault and a a little heavier Spirit assault. The light-weight assault helps in accumulating positive Spirit, while spirit assaults consume spirit points from the exact pool. Very last but not the least, you also have a pair of martial arts skills connected to each weapon – which also consumes spirit.


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In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, there are no shields to guard you from incoming damage. Certain, you can use the left cause to suppose a guard stance with your weapon, but parrying is the name of the match here. Pressing the block button appropriate ahead of an enemy assault hits will deplete some of the enemy’s gauge – letting you to adhere to up with assaults of your individual. Crucial assaults can’t be blocked like this, and will need to have to be counter-attacked with exact timing through a distinct button mix. As soon as an enemy’s posture is broken, you can follow up with a essential blow that takes out a important chunk of the enemy’s health bar.


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As mentioned in advance of, each individual course comes pre-outfitted with a Beast summon. While you start out the sport with the beast that is related with your course, you are cost-free to change the outfitted beast at a Fight Flag which are basically the game’s checkpoints. As soon as you accumulate plenty of Spirit, you can call upon the equipped Beast which will then start out to wreak havoc upon your enemies although also imbuing some unique powers to your player character these kinds of as elemental buffs to the weapon among other items.

Morale Rank

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One particular of the additional appealing sections of Wo Long’s battle process is its Morale Rank. The player character and each enemy has a Morale Rank linked with them, which is an regular estimate of the enemy’s stats and issue. Ideally, your Morale Rank should really be in near proximity to the enemies that you are battling, usually you are heading to have a rough time obtaining as a result of these fights. Your Morale Rank boosts with just about every defeated enemy, but it will also go down on loss of life.

Once you achieve a new checkpoint, your recent Morale Rank receives locked to that amount – that means that it won’t fall below that variety following demise or defeat. Dealing vital blows to your enemies also lowers their Morale Rank, which is an advantageous tactic that is worth hunting into.

Boss Fightswo long fallen dynasty boss

Wo Prolonged: Fallen Dynasty is an unforgiving video game proper from the onset, and the boss fights are likely to be a brutal check of the player’s ability degree and being familiar with of the game’s mechanics. It seems as although each and every boss will have 2 phases at the really the very least, with the latter of them of course currently being more durable than the former. The manager at the stop of the demo reveals off a bevy of really hard-hitting moves with a great deal of vary and variants, and staying even a bit careless about things will definitely spell quick doom.


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The degrees in Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty wouldn’t organically join with 1 yet another instead gamers would be capable to decide on them via a menu screen just like Nioh. That said, each and every amount is heading to be sprawling arenas that loop all-around by itself and are loaded with distinct enemy forms and scarce loot drops. There are multiple aspect paths that players can explore together with shortcuts that ought to make the subsequent operate to the manager arena that considerably extra manageable.

Co-op And PvP

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When PvP just cannot be accessed in the demo, developer Koei Tecmo has confirmed that Wo Very long: Fallen Dynasty will feature total assist for the identical – which means players will be capable to duke it out versus 1 a different making use of their preferred spells and weapons.

Co-op will also play a major purpose in the activity, enabling players to summon buddies to assistance prevail over the several challenges that lie ahead. In addition to summoning other players in on the internet manner, Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty will also element AI companions that should really aid solo gamers in their journey via ancient China.


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Wo Very long: Fallen Dynasty options an assortment of weapon sorts, ranging from polearms to straight swords to twin blades and what not. Each weapon has different attacks, martial arts moves, and a star-rating which is mainly a rough gauge of its high-quality. Gamers can equip two unique weapons at a time, and swap between them with relative simplicity. Aside from melee weapons, there are crossbows, bows, and throwing knives which can be utilised to engage enemies at a length. All in all, players will have a ton of choices and wide variety in how they have interaction with enemies.

Stealth Selections

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When stealth is not likely to be the focus of the experience, Wo Lengthy: Fallen Dynasty does offer some alternatives for gamers to silently skinny the enemy resistance in advance of swords at some point start out to clash. You can offer vital blows by sneaking driving an enemy or by undertaking an aerial strike from the skies over. Headshotting enemies by means of effective bows is also a excellent tactic for the similar. Of system, investing in stealth-associated stats will also support in growing the efficiency of these ways by a sizeable margin.

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