5 Expert Barber Tricks Men Should Be Aware Of

Who doesn’t like to be pampered at a barbershop? Only those who have taken a barber course in Auckland know how to make clients feel good and come back for more. From sculpting a perfect neckline to hot towel service, here are some techniques used by professional barbers.

1. The use of scented hot towel

A towel is supposed to be comfy and smooth. A good barber rolls it up and uses a faucet to make it hot. After ringing the towel out, essential oils are applied. For a pre-shave, some of the sweetest scents include the lavender, eucalyptus, and sandalwood.

2. Hitting the quality part

Before shaving, a hair product is applied on the head to soften the hair. It should be towel dried up to 50 per cent. Combing is necessary preferably with a wide-toothed comb. The comb helps to drive the longer hair strands to the required side of the head. Then a small-toothed comb is used on the short hair strands.

3. Easy-to- use clippers 

The best clippers are cordless and with sharp blade. They allow ease of movement and are the most precise beard guides.

4. Clean barbicide jars

These jars maintain hygiene in the barber shop. Barbers use them to store combs, clippers, and shears. It is important to have masculine jars since most clients are males. To ensure a healthy condition, disinfectants are used to clean these jars regularly. 

5. Towel drying the hair appropriately

Most people who shave at home use a blow-drier, which is not the right way to go. When a hair product is applied, the hair needs to be dried only halfway. Blow-drying is not good for any hairstyle. Towel drying on the other hand is the right technique to apply Note that hair is prone to breakage when wet. One common mistake of barber free haircut is application of rigorous back and forth movements which end up damaging the hair. Rather, the head should be pat gently using a towel and specific parts of the hair squeezed to dry.

These are some of the techniques learnt through barber apprenticeships in NZ.

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