Everything One Needs To Know About 14k Gold

Are you a new adult looking for a lasting 14K gold chain necklace for women? Looking for a way to expand your jewelry collection with The real deal? Believe it’s the time to shed your artificial jewelry and swap it out for gold women’s fashion necklaces or chokers for women?

Well, you are at the right place! Today we will discuss why 14 K gold is exactly what you need to begin investing in. 

What Is 14K Gold Jewellery? 

Any of the gold items that you ever purchase is rarely ever 100% cold. In fact, gold comes in plenty of purity levels – 14 K gold, 18 K gold, and 24 K gold. The key is not to be confused with “carat,” which is the measurement of a diamond as actual weight and a representation of its size. This “K“ is karat Which is the grading system describing a gold’s purity.

Why Choose 14K Gold?

Show the higher the karat rating, the more pure gold is present in the mixture. So then, why choose 14K gold as opposed to 24K gold? This is because 14K gold is not actually pure gold, and all the 24K gold is pure gold and has more value; it is also easily malleable. When choosing jewelry, it is important to not choose 24K gold as you may want to wear it on a frequent basis which could hamper the shape of the gold necklace or chokers for women that you intend to purchase. 14 K gold is the perfect choice as it contains a bond with other metals to create a stronger metal alloy that can be used on a daily basis. In fact, 14K gold contains zinc, nickel, silver, or copper and is composed of around 58% of gold content. 

Now that we know what 14K gold is and why we should choose it, let’s find out the various colors of gold.

What are the Different Gold Colours?

  • 14K Yellow Gold

If you intend to buy 14K gold chain necklaces for women, You may want to know that there are three different types of gold colors available commonly. Of which yellow gold is by far the most popular one. It was the most popular in the 90s however is making a comeback today. It’s typically a mixture of gold with copper and nickel that gives it a much warmer look. However, the 14 K yellow gold has a far less intense golden yellow color compared to 18K gold or 24K gold.

  • 14K White Gold

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a silvery look when it comes to your jewelry. However, if you want to opt for gold, then you may want to choose 14K white gold. 14 K white gold is a combination of pure gold along with metals such as silver, palladium and nickel. Commonly 14K white gold also has a rhodium coating on the topmost layer. It has gained a significant amount of popularity in the last few years. For those who have an aversion to yellow gold, choosing 14 K white gold for women’s fashion necklaces might be the right choice.

  • 14K Rose Gold

Also, more popularly in the recent jewelry scene is the availability of 14 K rose gold jewelry which is one of the most famous 14K gold chain necklaces for women variant available in the market today. It has a pink hue and a certain uniqueness, and a vintage feeling to it. 

With all this knowledge in tow, You are fully equipped to buy the perfect chokers for women or any 14K gold chain necklace for women soon.

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