Every new Silent Hill job introduced, which include the Silent Hill 2 remake

After decades of rumours and leaks, such as by Konami by themselves earlier currently, we last but not least have official confirmation of upcoming Silent Hill video games. The Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Workforce is true! The developers of Observation are producing a new Silent Hill sport! There is a third new sport identified as Silent Hill f! Move under for the whole checklist of what is kicking off in that foggy city.&#13

Silent Hill 2 is being remade by Bloober Staff

Tonight’s livestream started with a trailer for the prolonged-rumoured Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Workforce, the developers of Layers Of Concern. The trailer targeted on cutscenes, but there was a lot of footage like people and areas from the authentic activity. It’s operating on Unreal Engine 5, and it can be a PlayStation 5 console exceptional but also verified as coming to Pc.&#13

There was chat with some of the builders of Bloober Staff, who talked about wanting to modernise the first. They say that is why the remake will have an about-the-shoulder digicam, although it in any other case seems faithful to the unique earth and tale. You will find a Steam page stay for the remake now.&#13


Silent Hill: Townfall is a new recreation from the makers of Observation

Silent Hill: Townfall is a brand new match set in the world of Silent Hill. It is really becoming revealed by Annapurna, and made by No Code, the makers of Stories Untold and Observation. There was an evocative trailer with a creepy voiceover, but no serious glimpse of the video game alone. No Code’s Jon McKellan advised they have been just at the begin of the growth approach.&#13

https://www.youtube.com/look at?v=j_FOVN-UkEI

Return To Silent Hill is a sequel to the 2006 motion picture

Director Christophe Gans has spoken formerly about his want to make a a sequel to his 2006 Silent Hill movie. In the course of the stream, we got confirmation of the undertaking, with Gans and the producers conversing about the job, which is explicitly based mostly on the Silent Hill 2 recreation. (It appears to be probable the less costly 2012 film sequel is getting overlooked.)

The section integrated some storyboards for the movie, but Konami reps claimed that filming and casting are continue to in progress, so it truly is probably a extended way off.&#13


Silent Hill: Ascension is an “interactive video clip streaming experience”

Described as “a new type of Silent Hill”, Silent Hill: Ascension is getting formulated by Genvid, JJ Abrams’ Poor Robot, and Dead By Daylight builders Conduct Interactive. Genvid look like the most significant of the bunch: they develop what they call “Massively Interactive Stay Situations”, or MILEs. These are livestreamed interactive tales, exactly where the audience looking at can impact the tale and globe… in some way. Truthfully, this was the vaguest of the announcements, but at least it wasn’t a cellular match or an NFT thing.&#13


Silent Hill f, a new 1960s-set horror video game

The stream finished with 1 final activity announcement. This was the most hanging trailer of the bunch, with a youthful Japanese university lady becoming transported to a dreamworld, crops rising from her pores and skin, and then her total encounter peeling off. There was no followup developer chatter about it, although, and no in-match footage. We do know that it is really a brand new tale set in 1960’s Japan and a “beautiful, but horrifying planet.”

Previous Nintendo producer Motoi Okamoto is attached, and psuedonymous Japanese author Ryukishi07 is penning the story. The enhancement studio is NeoBards Entertainment, who have earlier worked with Capcom and Sq. Enix as co-developer on various tasks, which includes the Resident Evil remakes.&#13


So all-in-all, which is just one remake, two new game titles, a electronic interactive working experience, and a movie sequel. (There was also a bunch of merchandise, but you can test the whole archive stream higher than for that). Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake appears to be like the most superior project, however nevertheless seemingly a methods off. Both way, Silent Hill is certainly a thing again – and so is Konami really performing points with the video game series they handle.&#13

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