Evening Reading – September 20, 2022



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Welcome to your Tuesday night, Shackers. We always appreciate you stopping by and checking out all the things we have to share, but alas, the day has come to an end. There’s only one way to round out the ending of a day though. That’s right. It’s time for another round of Evening Reading. Enjoy, won’t you?

In case you missed it at Shacknews…

And now… More stuff from The Internet!

Bracelet game on point

We have yet to have a true interaction between Bowser and Chun-Li, and now I feel like we’ve missed out because of it.

There’s supposedly a sock in this picture…

But all I see are two cute longnose doggos.

I feel so unsure…

As I take your paws and lead you to the dance floor.

Kitten boat

I think you could ferry a jellybean across that sink on the kitten.

Kojima approved

Say what you want about Hideo Kojima’s games and gameplay, but he’s got good taste for music and movies.

No man can defeat him…

But what of clever girls?!

Alpha Control

Honestly, the secretary look is kind of cute, but you can’t argue the finished product didn’t work out.

And that’s your Evening Reading for this fine Tuesday, September 20. We really appreciate all of you, but if you want to support us further, we’d certainly take the help. You can do it for as little as a dollar a month through Mercury. Don’t have a dollar? You don’t need one to enjoy Shackpets. That’s our app on iOS and Android where you can engage in the ultimate battle for pet cuteness. Upload your favorite pics of pets, challenge other pets, vote on your favs, or just peruse cute pics in Latest Pets like my sweet Flaff below!

An Australian Mini Shepherd lying on a bed looking up at you.
Flaff loves Shackpets votes, so she does funny poses like this for her pictures.

Thanks for stopping by, y’all. Having a good evening? Any good games you’re playing? Sound off in the Chatty section below!

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