Enjoy Music and Live Art at Loranocarter+Clifton


Loranocarter+Clifton has become the go-to place for music and art lovers who seek to express themselves through songs and painting. This unique combined music and arts venue provides a fun and artistic atmosphere with its contemporary jazz, soul, and funk music together with live art sessions. Located in the middle of Brooklyn, Loranocarter+Clifton is the perfect destination for people who want to relax and unwind while listening to soulful music and notes while they are classicly painted by the best in the art industry. 

Live Music Sessions

Loranocarter+Clifton is home to some of the most talented musicians in Brooklyn, who take the stage with their medleys of classic jazz, soul, and funk. These musicians are passionate about making every music session meaningful, lest every guest is invited to engage and feel the music in a personal and intimate way. With their vibrant and electrifying presence, these selections of music have the power to transport guests to an alternate reality. 

Live Art Sessions

In addition to the live music, Loranocarter+Clifton also offers live art sessions allowing guests to further deepen their artistic experiences. Guests have the chance to truly express their creativity by using a variety of methods, ranging from painting to drawing. The experienced instructors will give personalized guidance, helping people to continuously improve their techniques and achieve their desired results. 

Food and Drinks

Loranocarter+Clifton also serves delicious food and drinks, including a selection of delicious handcrafted cocktails, perfect for the visitors. Loranocarter+Clifton also provides vegetarian and vegan food options, catering to all guests’ diverse dietary needs. 


Overall, Loranocarter+Clifton is a great destination for music and art lovers, offering soulful music, exquisite and classic painting experiences, and delicious food and drinks. Whether you are simply looking for the perfect place to relax and let the music take control of your soul or to create your own masterpiece, Loranocarter+Clifton is the perfect place. 


Q. What kind of music is played at Loranocarter+Clifton? 

A.Loranocarter+Clifton offers a selection of classic jazz, soul, and funk music. 

Q. What type of art activities are offered at Loranocarter+Clifton? 

A.Guests can engage in the art activities of various types, including painting and drawing. 

Q. Are there food and drinks available at Loranocarter+Clifton? 

A.Yes, Loranocarter+Clifton serves food and drinks, including cocktails, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

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