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The gentle giants of the animal kingdom are becoming more and more popular as a tattoo choice for their powerful symbolism. Plus, as one of the most recognizable animals on Earth, elephants can be adapted to suit many different tattoo art styles. Check out these powerful elephant tattoos to inspire your next inking.

Elephant Tattoo Meaning

Traditionally, elephants represent wisdom, prosperity, and luck. While they are physically powerful, elephants are usually peaceful and known for their intelligence, long memories, and strong family ties. As a result, these creatures are often associated with the qualities of patience, loyalty, and unity, making them the perfect choice for a tattoo.

Elephant Tattoos

Small Elephant Tattoo

While elephants are some of the largest animals on the planet, they look great in a small tattoo. That’s because their appearance is so recognizable. A small elephant tattoo can be placed almost anywhere on your body – from your wrist to your shoulder, back, or ribs – making it a versatile choice.

Simple Elephant Tattoo

Elephant tattoos are versatile – they can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. If your style is more minimal, or you prefer black-ink tattoos, an elephant design is a great option. Try a line drawing, silhouette, or cartoon elephant for a simplified take on an elephant inking.

Mandala Elephant Tattoo

Both elephants and mandalas have strong spiritual significance in Eastern cultures. In the Hindu religion, the god Ganesha is depicted with the head of an elephant and is associated with new beginnings, success, wisdom, and removing obstacles. Meanwhile, mandalas represent the universe and are used to focus the mind. As a result, a mandala elephant tattoo is an ideal choice for a spiritual person with a love of learning.

Elephant Family Tattoo

Elephants are very family-oriented animals, just like humans. They live together with their babies for years,  have unbreakable bonds, and even visit the ‘graves’ of family members who have passed away. Because of these qualities, an elephant family tattoo is particularly meaningful. Guys who are devoted to their family should consider this type of elephant inking.

Mom and Baby Elephant Tattoo

Mom-and-baby elephant tattoos are not only cute, but they are also meaningful. Every elephant herd is made up of mothers and their babies, so a mom-and-baby elephant tattoo makes perfect sense. It’s an excellent choice for new fathers who want to pay tribute to their partner and child.

Elephant Head Tattoo

An elephant head tattoo is one of the most popular versions of an elephant tattoo. The distinctive ears and trunk of an elephant make it instantly recognizable and help your tattoo stand out. Because your artist only needs to focus on one element – the head – you can opt for a more detailed design. Sketch-style, watercolor, or old school all make for unique elephant head tattoos

Tribal Elephant Tattoo

In tattoo terms, the tribal art style uses blank ink, curved lines, and patterns to create striking and powerful designs. These designs can be abstract but are often inspired by the natural world. Animals – including elephants – are the perfect design to pair with a tribal-style tattoo because both reflect the human connection to the wild.

Elephant Outline Tattoo

One of the most popular forms of elephant tattoos is an outline design. Minimalist and modern, these tattoos are also very fast to apply as they don’t require shading. Elephant outline tattoos look fantastic, whether large or small, so they suit a variety of placements. You could have the design inked on your back, forearm, or even ankle.

Elephant Tattoo with Flowers

Far from being too feminine, meaningful floral tattoos such as the rose and cherry blossom have been popular with men for centuries. That is because these flowers not only look fantastic in tattoo form – and are equally striking in black or color ink – but also represent concepts like life, death, and love. To give your elephant tattoo an even deeper meaning, pair it with a bloom like a lotus – which represents spirituality – or almond-flower, which symbolizes new beginnings.

Indian Elephant Tattoo

Elephants are greatly respected in Indian culture, and the country is home to thousands of native Asian elephants. Traditionally, kings rode elephants that were brightly decorated with paint, jewels, and fabric. To give your elephant tattoo a unique look, take cues from Indian art by incorporating its decorative patterns and symbols.

African Elephant Tattoo

With Africa home to the majority of the world’s elephants, a fantastic tattoo option is to combine African elements with your elephant tattoo. A popular choice is an elephant profile following the shape of the African continent. Alternatively, you could add a savannah background complete with trees, grass, and a sunrise.

Watercolor Elephant Tattoo

Watercolor tattoos always attract attention for their vibrancy and eye-catching style. For guys who want all eyes on their elephant inking, a watercolor tattoo is a must. Choose bold hues like turquoise, magenta, yellow, and indigo, and place your tattoo where you can easily show it off – such as your forearm or shoulder.

Realistic Elephant Tattoo

Photorealistic tattoos have been growing in popularity recently. For those who want an elephant tattoo that’s as close to real-life as possible, it’s the best option. However, realistic tattoos are more difficult and technical to create than other types of tattoos, so ensure you choose an experienced artist – especially if you want a larger piece. It is also crucial to have a clear reference photo.

Geometric Tattoo

Adding geometric elements to tattoos has been a trend for several years, and its popularity isn’t slowing down. The angular shapes, lines, and symbols add a modern and futuristic touch to any design and look especially striking when paired with animals. There are several different types of geometric elephant tattoos, but all give your inking and fresh and unique twist.

Arm Tattoo

Your arm is a fantastic placement for an elephant tattoo – especially a larger inking that you want to show off. Ask your artist to tailor the design so that it suits the vertical, curved shape of your forearm and won’t look stretched around your muscles. One option is a half-head elephant tattoo. Unique and intriguing, this tattoo has an artistic look.

Hand Tattoo

Elephants are a popular choice for hand tattoos because the trunk can easily be extended down a finger. This trunk of the element gives the tattoo a fun life-like effect – and a touch of attitude, if it extends down the middle finger. Hand tattoos look badass and are a great choice for guys who love ink, as they are some of the most painful ones to get.

Thigh Tattoo

An elephant thigh tattoo is an excellent choice for guys who want a larger, more detailed piece that they can easily cover with clothes. The shape of your thigh makes it ideal for both a front-facing elephant head or side profile design. Plus, your thigh is one of the least painful places on your body to be tattooed.

Foot Tattoo

Elephants are associated with success and removing obstacles, so your feet are the ideal placement for an elephant tattoo. This inking reminds you to keep putting one foot in front of the other as you walk toward your goals and provides you with a clear path forward. You could also put an elephant family tattoo on your feet, as this symbolizes family being the foundation of your life

Back Tattoo

Because elephants are associated with strength, having an elephant tattoo on your back – where you carry your heaviest burdens – has become a popular choice with many men. And when it comes to larger elephant tattoos, your back is an ideal placement. That is because it provides the artist with a wide and smooth canvas to create a stand-out piece with plenty of details. However, bear in mind that you won’t be able to see your tattoo without the aid of mirrors.

Elephant Skull Tattoo

One of the most badass options for an elephant tattoo is an elephant skull. Cool, intimidating, and masculine with its oversized curved tusks, this type of inking also has a mysterious quality. Like other skull tattoos, an elephant skull doesn’t necessarily represent death. Instead, it represents having no fear of mortality.

Source: The Trend Spotter

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