Elden Ring’s 1.07 patch introduces PvP-only nerfs, buffs a whole bunch of weapons

With its 1.07 update (opens in new tab) to Elden Ring, FromSoftware has taken steps to ensure the game’s long-term health and multiplayer balance. The biggest change is the decoupling of PvP and PvE weapon balancing, though From has also buffed a huge variety of weapons and spells.

That first change is a long time coming for FromSoft⁠—to my knowledge they’ve never attempted anything like this for the Souls series or Bloodborne. The capacity to separately adjust weapons for PvP and PvE content is crucial for live service games like Destiny, allowing devs to adjust pain points in one mode without overcorrecting in another. I don’t think Elden Ring is in any danger of becoming a live service game, but this is still a welcome change. I like Elden Ring’s PvP, but I don’t go seeking it out. It wouldn’t feel good to have a preferred singleplayer strategy hamstrung because hardcore PvPers found and exploited an annoying trick in a mode I hardly ever touch. 

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