Easter Eggs in League of Legends Worlds 2022 Anthem: Star Walkin



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Riot Games and “President of League of Legends” Lil Nas X unveiled this year’s much anticipated Worlds 2022 anthem: Star Walkin. This year’s League of Legends Worlds tune Star Walkin by Lil Nas X envisions a new consider on the Worlds anthem bringing with each other both of those professionals and followers alike in the tunes video. The video is laden with easter eggs and references to professional players, regional leagues, and their respective fandoms.

We desired this year’s Worlds anthem to have that North American flair when really embodying the A single&Only model – unapologetic in its individuality. And who far better to depict that plan than Lil Nas X?” mentioned World-wide Head of Resourceful, Esports at Riot Online games Carrie Dunn, in a press launch.

Professionals highlighted in Star Walkin

The 3-and-a-fifty percent-minute tunes video clip features the following professional players:

  • Tian “Meiko” Ye from EDward Gaming (EDG – China)

  • Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon representing Gen.G (Korea)

  • Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in representing Workforce Liquid (TL – North The usa [NA])

  • Marek “Humanoid” Brázda from Europe and its agent Fnatic (FNC)

Notably, Crew Liquid unsuccessful to make it to Worlds 2022 this 12 months. But Riot Games starts off its Worlds anthem creation early on in the yr and TL was confident to qualify then as it was a strong contender in NA.

These four professionals are demonstrated in the tunes video for the bulk of the elements as they go all around the legendary landmarks in San Francisco. “The atmosphere transforms as the execs move throughout the metropolis, showcasing the sport’s legendary area in society and the mastery of each pro as they go away their mark on the world,” observed Riot.

Professionals and their LoL Esports background referenced in Star Walkin

All 4 professional gamers can be noticed in the bleachers along with their followers. The supporters can be found keeping iconic phrases, quotes, or trinkets representing the pro’s region or the group. In the shot where CoreJJ is amidst his admirers, one particular of them can be found keeping a “ruler”, a reference to the 2017 bot lane of CoreJJ and Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk. Also, one particular of the lovers can be seen holding the iconic quote: “Everyone else is trash” by Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng.

In the group shot for Chovy, there is a concealed “Church of Chovy” hashtag, a reference to the pro player staying the “god” of mid-lane in the Korean league of LCK.

For Humanoid, Riot Games has referenced the LEC and his nickname “Uma Noid”, a derivation of Uma Jan (in-game title of Luka “Perkz” Perković). You can also spot other aspects like the MAD Lions plushie and the LEC trophy in this shot.

Meiko is standing in the group with his Championship ring and a enthusiast in the vicinity of him can be found holding the old Summoner’s Cup. A girl next to him is sporting cat head gear, a reference to Meiko’s like for his cat.

Apart from these, many pictures in the songs video clip clearly show admirers donning the jerseys of their beloved players and teams which include T1 Faker, Gumayusi, and several extra.

A shot of a road intersection shows the logos of most of the groups collaborating in Worlds 2022 at the start out of the music online video of Star Walkin.

The spotlight of the online video is the position where by League of Legends champions convert into giant mechs, summoned by the professionals. The champions are Azir (Chovy), Rell (CoreJJ), Thresh (Meiko) and Twisted Destiny (Humanoid).

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