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The e-girl look is everywhere online after becoming a major trend on TikTok. Inspired by anime, goth, and skate subcultures, it’s a fun alternative style that combines cute and feminine touches with edgy and ironic vibes. When it comes to achieving the e-girl aesthetic, one of the most important elements is hair – think bright colors, bleach, and ’90s-inspired pigtails and bangs. Here are some of the best e-girl hairstyles that are trending right now to inspire you.

1. Blonde Highlights

One of the most popular e-girl hairstyles is chunky blonde highlights. These lightened pieces look great when combined with a center-parted hairstyle as they frame your face and make you look younger. Blonde highlights still make a strong statement but are more wearable than bolder colors like purple or green. That makes them the ideal first step into e-girl hair if you’re trying it for the first time.

Blonde Highlights

2. Pink Highlights

Pink highlights are popular among e-girls everywhere for their cute, quirky, yet feminine look. Depending on your skin tone, you can experiment with more vibrant hues like hot pink or go for a soft and subtle rose shade. Bear in mind that if you have naturally dark hair, you will need to bleach some sections first before highlighting with pink dye.

Pink Highlights

3. Green Highlights

For bolder e-girls, green highlights are a growing trend. Made famous by stars like Dua Lipa and Billie Eilish, green hair has an edgy and alternative vibe that contrasts beautifully with more feminine e-girl make-up and fashion. To get vibrant neon-green highlights, you’ll need to bleach sections of your hair first or have naturally light blonde locks. Alternatively, those with darker hair can opt for deep shades like emerald or forest green, which look equally good.

Green Highlights hair

4. Blue Highlights

Blue hair is a bold choice when it comes to coloring your hair as it’s one of the most unnatural shades. It can also be tricky to maintain, as blue dye tends to fade, turn green, or turn ‘muddy’ very quickly. However, blue highlights give you all the impact of blue hair without as much maintenance as a full-color treatment. Even better, e-girl highlights look better with time, when they’ve had time to grow out and fade down. Try dying your roots blue for a pretty and unusual twist.

Blue Highlights Hair

5. Purple Highlights

Like blue and green, purple highlights always attract attention for their bold and unnatural look. Because purple has both warm and cool tones – as it is a combination of red and blue – it flatters a wide variety of skin tones. To give purple highlights more of an e-girl twist, try a dip-dyed look and concentrate the color around your face and bangs. Doing so gives your hair a graphic cartoon-style look.

Purple Highlights hair

6. Platinum Highlights

Chunky platinum blonde highlights are a huge e-girl trend, particularly when contrasted with darker, deeper colors for an eye-catching anime-style finish. Think black and platinum or platinum and dark red. Not for shy types, platinum highlights look sexy, bold, and stylish, making them ideal for women who love to stand out.

Platinum Highlights hair

7. Rainbow E-Girl Highlights

E-girl hairstyles always have a playful side, and there’s nothing more cheeky than a rainbow. This cute and youthful look creates the perfect contrast with more sultry, feminine make-up like winged eyeliner and arched brows. To get rainbow e-girl highlights, have your stylist blend pastel shades through platinum blonde hair to create a beautiful multi-tonal finish.

Rainbow E-Girl Highlights hair

8. E-Girl with Pigtails

E-girl hairstyles aren’t just about quirky colors. The way you style your hair is also important. Pigtails are a popular trend because they look youthful, playful, and sweet. Try adding extensions to create extra-long wavy pigtails, or keep it short and sweet with a half-up, half-down pigtail style. For an extra e-girl touch, add cute accessories like barrettes and butterfly clips.

E-Girl with Pigtails

9. E-Girl Hair with Bangs

Bangs are a popular e-girl hairstyle because they can make you look younger, frame your face to make it seem more feminine, and add a cool ’90s or early 2000s vibe to your haircut. However, the e-girl twist is to add a touch of color or bleach to the bangs to make them stand out and show off your style. To get the e-girl look, choose a feathery straight fringe or center-parted ‘two-strand’ bangs.

E-Girl Hair with Bangs

10. E- Girl Two Shades Hair Color

Two-shades hair takes the bold, graphic, and cartoon-inspired elements of the e-girl trend to the next level. Dividing the hair into two sections along the center part, your stylist will dye each half a different hue. While black and white – or black and platinum – is a popular combination due to its sharp contrast, you could also choose a softer option. Pastel pink and purple make for a sweet and pretty finish that is less intimidating and easier to grow out.

E- Girl Two Shades Hair Color
Source: The Trend Spotter

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