Dragon Quest Treasures information Paternoggin, Maneland, Cinderback Ridge, Wingswept Moors, Hinterquarters



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Sq. Enix delivered yet another update on Dragon Quest Treasures right now, revealing new information about the Paternoggin, Maneland, Cinderback Ridge, and Hinterquarters. These are the 5 main biomes of the recreation. Players will also be in a position to discover the central hub island.

Welcome to Draconia

Dragon Quest Treasures normally takes put in Draconia, but it may well surprise you to learn that its islands once fashioned the bodies of two monumental Golden Dragons.

More than the eons, their rocky stays have eroded absent to go away 6 floating islands.

Excluding the central hub island, Erik and Mia can scour 5 pretty different biomes in their hunt for treasure, from volcanic mountains and bone-dry deserts to frozen wastelands. Each just one is inhabited by a bevy of odd and excellent monsters.

Let us visit every single 1.

The Paternoggin

This is the island the place Erik and Mia start out their Draconian journey. The upper amount features plains and a dilapidated manufacturing facility, when the decrease amount is home to forests and caves. A cable motor vehicle would make it effortless to vacation in between the two areas.

The Sylphanians have set up camp on the upper level, just all around the corner from the gorgeous Teardrop Falls.

There are ancient properties all above the island, but number of have dared examine the monster-infested reduced ruins.

The Maneland

Raging sandstorms wear absent at the rocky outcrops of the Maneland, exactly where substantial skeletons protrude from the dust. In this land of blustery dunes and sand rivers, the Glide Forte is absolutely sure to be a lifesaver.

This full island is covered in sand and rock, and only the hardiest monsters are able to survive here.

Sticky, oily puddles and quickly-flowing rivers of sand are identified to hinder even seasoned adventurers.

Cinderback Ridge

Positioned in western Draconia, Cinderback Ridge is a volcanic island exactly where rivers of molten rock and sheer cliffs abound. Some of Draconia’s strongest monsters inhabit the island’s central region, in which the ground is flooded with lava.

Colossal red cacti increase in the Lumbar Lavalands at the centre of the island.

Bounce above the lava with the Launch Forte, or float to basic safety with Glide.

The Wingswept Moors

In the northern component of the island, jutting out from the sprawling plains, is the lofty Mount Greywing. Somewhere else, monsters lurk in sodden marshes and poisonous swamps.

The Dash Forte will make mild operate of the open plains and offer a refreshing breeze to counter the muggy marshes.

Mount Greywing, with its cooling mists, sits in stark distinction to the warmth and humidity of the plains.

The Hinterquarters

The perpetually frozen Lake Swishmelt marks the southern section of this island, recognised for its severe wintery weather. Unrelenting blizzards make some locations unliveable and whiteouts conceal deep crevasses from view.

With even handed use of monster Fortes, perilous icebergs grow to be stepping stones to strong floor.

Quite a few monsters, these kinds of as Glacial Golems, relish the sub-zero temperatures and stomp about in sheer defiance.

Surprises await on just about every island

Erik and Mia are confident to obtain handy merchandise in chests and pots, but there are a lot of other surprises waiting for them in Draconia. Some key places are a restricted squeeze to arrive at, and other folks will need a keen eye to place, but any treasure hunter well worth their salt is eager to overcome this kind of challenges for the chance to come across famous loot!

Each individual island is served by numerous educate stations. Once you repair service them, you can take a look at each a person specifically from the station at your base.

Some islands have outlets that are conveniently stocked with handy products, valuable recipes and community crafting components.

You are going to require to crouch down to enter caves like this, but your efforts may very well be rewarded with a hidden treasure chest!

Metallic monsters are a uncommon sight but defeating them will receive you a bucketload of expertise points. You may even be blessed plenty of to recruit a single!

For the duration of your adventures, you may arrive throughout specific monsters made solely of cherished gems. These are exceedingly scarce “bejewelled monsters”, and they have exquisite treasure. But be warned – they are rapidly on their feet (if they have them), so you will have to be lightning swift!

If you are blessed plenty of to come across one particular, they could want to be a part of your gang – if you can defeat them, that is!

Odd balloons have appeared all throughout Draconia’s key islands. Shambles and Shady of the Thunderous Plunderers seem to be involved someway and are even providing a reward to any one who can burst them all.

Balloons will pop up in the most unconventional spots. Time to split out that trusty catapult and pop each and every just one you can obtain!

Hit up the gallery below for a closer glimpse at the  Paternoggin, Maneland, Cinderback Ridge, Wingswept Moors, Hinterquarters in Dragon Quest Treasures.

Dragon Quest Treasures is thanks out for Change on December 9, 2022.

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