Dive into 1980s Issue-n-Click Journey and Secret with Strange Results, Out Now on Xbox

Hi everyone! I’m Hernan Lopez from Epic Llama Online games and I’m content to share the terrific information about the release of our new adventure match Strange Findings with you and all enthusiasts of the 1980s! Wanting back at all the perform accomplished, I would like to give you some perception into the game’s history.

Making Unusual Findings took a ton of effort. I signify a whole lot! The video game script on your own is humongous and it is whole of scripted stuff and exceptional events. Nevertheless it was so a lot enjoyable to make it!

In situation you have no idea what the plot of the match is all about, I will sum it up for you. It’s Christmas Eve in a tranquil tiny town, exactly where a few youngsters are desperately making an attempt to view a shell out per view grownup Television-channel applying an unlawful sign decoder. In a sudden switch of occasions, they had stumbled on a killer alien from outer room. So, they had to catch him, clearly! Rest certain nothing will go in accordance to anyone’s plan… points are going to get wild and stakes are heading to soar!

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You see the bulk of our group was born in the mid-1980s, so we grew up surrounded by that vibe. Despite the fact that we had been also young to “truly” knowledge the 80s considering the fact that we hardly lived in that time, we grew up consuming the 80s pop society. When we were kids/teens, we were obsessed with the popular Television set displays like Viaje a lo inesperado, Cine de trasnoche disco, El mundo del espectáculo. I’m confident you have no plan what I’m chatting about below, as individuals ended up very neighborhood Tv set exhibits (We are from Cordoba, Argentina). For all that I’m also pretty sure, that you grew up (if you are more than 30 yrs previous) watching quite very similar things. Individuals demonstrates utilised to be like this: a host talks a little bit about the movie that was about to arrive next, and then… the motion picture!  It could be a horror or it could be an motion (based on time of the day), but usually it was some movie of 80s. Sometimes they showed a major blockbuster like The Goonies or Aliens, but you could also see extra obscure ones like: Krull, Batteries Not Included’ or Explorers.

In Uncommon Findings we wished the gamers to come to feel like they are in a single of people flicks. Even much more than that! Immerse them into a quintessential 80s film that has the ideal components of the narrative of that ten years in it. Allow them explore, visit, re-go to, enjoy close to, discuss with appealing figures, experiment with stuff and test to solve the mystery guiding the Uncommon Results. So to accomplish this we experienced to do a large amount of homework. In addition to all the 80s pop society that we have by now consumed back then, we created ourselves check out at minimum one particular 80s motion picture or Television exhibit episode for each day for the duration of the GDD (recreation design document) and script growth stage!


Strange Findings is not all about the 80s nevertheless. Of class, just one of the key themes listed here is nostalgia, and I am not speaking only about nostalgia for 80s. For instance, 1 of our primary characters, Vinny, is a big enthusiast of the 1940s and black and white videos of that period.

Other large themes of Abnormal Conclusions arefriendship andfacing the unfamiliar. That is specifically what continuously occurs for the duration of the video game in incredibly diverse approaches. I am not heading to spoil that for you, in any case.

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To emphasize the “facing the unknown” stage we experienced to include some uncommon results, I indicate characteristics, to the normal level and click on activity loop. So instead of having just one main character going for walks all over and investigating every thing, we arrived up with a group of 3 friends… walking about and investigating every thing! While the participant is nevertheless in control of just just one character, Vinny, Nick and Tony tag him along, share their views or assistance Vinny instantly if they can. It performs way superior, given that now the primary character is not “monologuing” all over, but is relatively possessing an organic converse with the rest of the crew.

We required Vinny, Nick and Tony to be actual teenager buddies supporting each individual other all through their journey. They are continuously producing jokes and at times arguing with every other.


As the player chooses between different dialogue possibilities, the trio reacts appropriately. It is not just a wonderful narrative function, but also a video game gimmick, considering that the player truly influences how the items unfold, and a good deal of puzzles adjust in the course of action, in some cases in radical approaches! To give you an plan, the very last chapter is in essence three distinct chapters which do not share a single site or item (all the puzzles and dialogues are exceptional). So, this element boosts the replayability noticeably, even though the video game is quite extensive anyway.

Spot-smart these three close friends are heading to visit some areas iconic for horror motion pictures (woods in the evening, the lovers’ lane, a junkyard, a solution lab, sewers) and some areas full of nostalgia like an amusement arcade, a VHS store or a treehouse.

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Yet another characteristic we are really very pleased of is the match artwork. Not only of the pixel artwork with particles, smokes and present day enhancements, but also of the audio! We are so incredibly proud of the audio in the activity: we ended up capable to get the #1 hit You Spin Me Spherical (like a file) from Lifeless or Alive – the authentic kings of synth pop! You would not consider how substantially energy is essential for a little studio like ours to get them into the OST! Not to mention how substantially it usually means for us to have a genuine piece of the 80s in the video game, but aside from that mind blowing simple fact, we also have new music from some new retro wave stars like Robert Parker and Midnight Fighters. The cherry on leading of all this is our authentic OST composed by LATAM Grammy nominee Tomas Ferrero!

Unusual Conclusions pays tribute to all people legendary flicks we watched, to all all those toys we played with, to all that excellent synthesizer oozing music we even now pay attention to and, on the whole, to that fantastic period that shaped us… I hope gamers will get pleasure from the recreation as a great deal as we appreciated creating it for them!


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It’s the 80s and the Christmas is coming, Vinny, Nick and Tony are young and their new cable signal descrambler just arrived. That very same evening when seeking to decrypt a shell out for each watch grownup channel, they decide up the distress signal of an alien spaceship crash-landing in the woods near their town… Issues only get weirder as they recognize that the towering alien is killing pretty particular customers of their local community! &#13
Take a look at the entire world oozing with nostalgia, verify the Movie Buster Retailer for clues, obstacle other young children at the Laser Llamas Arcades, go learn a new trick at The Emerald Sword comic shop, try to get together with the punk searching Misplaced Men at their hideout or even dare to ask THE BULL, the quintessential 80s Motion hero, for some help!&#13
Follow the story that pays tribute to 80s classics like The Goonies, The Explorers, Monster Squad, The Dropped Boys, They Stay, Terminator, and Aliens amongst other individuals and a gameplay that combines mechanics of Point and Simply click masterpieces like Whole Throttle with its possess one of a kind twist and extra.&#13
Your conclusions do make any difference, and the way you make these 3 mates interact with just about every other progressively impacts their friendship and the whole story, transforming the way they address the sport puzzles, the locations they check out, the responses they obtain, the tale, almost everything. &#13
Uncover the real truth hidden guiding the alien invasion… nicely kind of. Why listed here? Why is it killing locals? How can the boys stop it? Will they tune in the grownup channel immediately after all? The solutions to these and other questions… in Strange Findings.

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