Benefits And Drawbacks Of Dirty Keto, Lazy Keto And Clean Keto

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There is science-based evidence not just claims about the success of keto diet in weight loss. Even doctors suggest keto diet meal plan delivery to people who want to lose weight. There are further types and subsets of keto diet. The types of keto diet include standard keto diet, targeted keto diet and cyclical keto diet. 

If you have done basic research about keto diet, you may have also come across the following three terms: 

  • Lazy keto diet 
  • Dirty keto diet 
  • Clean keto diet

These terms may leave you confused. This article covers the basic introduction, benefits and drawbacks of clean keto, dirty keto and lazy keto. 

Lazy Keto Diet 

It is a little variation of the traditional keto diet. In the lazy diet, the focus is on keeping carbs content less than 50 grams/day not on the amount of nutrients and number of calories. Lazy keto diet includes foods like keto-friendly ice creams, pork rinds, cheese etc. 


  • Weight loss 
  • Budget-friendly  
  • No need to track calorie intake 
  • Less restrictions 
  • Suitable for busy people 
  • Suitable for people who don’t want to plan or cook meals


  • Lack of nutrient-dense foods
  • Diet with low fibre content 
  • You may not get the desired results as you are not counting calories. 

Dirty Keto Diet

There are some similarities and differences between the lazy keto diet and the dirty keto diet. The dirty version of this diet has only one restriction. You need to reduce your carbohydrate consumption to enter ketosis. There is no need to track your calorie intake. Consume less than 50 grams of carbohydrates a day. Apart from that, you can eat anything. For example, you can eat bunless cheeseburgers. Just keep your carbs intake below 50 grams/day.


  • Weight loss 
  • No need to count calories
  • Flexibility 
  • Convenience 
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Good for those who cannot stick to strict diet plans 


  • Less focus on filling foods 
  • Less focus on nutrient-dense foods 
  • Lack of mental discipline or willpower 
  • High risk of cardiovascular disease and certain cancers due to processed foods

Clean Keto 

It is the standard keto diet that contains healthy fats such as coconut oil and nuts, lean and fatty meats and low-carb vegetables. This type of keto diet includes whole-food sources. This is the reason why it is called ‘clean keto diet’. The carb content of this diet is 20 to 50 grams/day. Your body enters ketosis easily and the liver starts releasing ketones. This keto diet provides you with the best weight loss results as you consume essential minerals, vitamins, fibre and other nutrients. 


  • More energy, mental clarity, weight loss and other benefits of ketosis 
  • Lots of fibre 
  • Improved health with whole foods     
  • Science-backed  


  • Eating the same food may make it boring. 
  • Expensive due to pricey ingredients. 
  • Restrictive and challenging 
  • Requires strong willpower and more discipline  


In addition to weight loss, you can reap many other benefits of a well-planned keto diet. There are websites offering meal plan delivery. You simply need to subscribe to a plan to get the benefits of keto diet.   


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