Different Mowers for Different Golf Course Area

When talking about the golf course maintenance equipment, then mowing equipment is considered as a very important one among all others. Mowing is not easy, and if you think you can also do mowing without any prior experience and knowledge, then you are wrong as there are different types of area in the golf course. There are various types of mowers which are required for maintaining the different areas of the golf course. Some of these golf course mowers are given below:

  • Green Collar Mowers 

If there are collars in your golf course, then you will need the reel mower which has higher HOC. You can also say then collar mowers are just like walking reel mowers which have a width of about 24 to 36 inches. Design and architecture of the golf course helps in deciding the type of mower that will be used. You can sometimes use the collar mowers to mow the playing surface of the golf course too.

  • Approach Mowers

These golf course mowers may be triplexes or can also be used as walking mowers. The way you use the mower depends on the area of the approaches, labor and the standards of the golf course maintenance. You can use these mowers as the walking mowers to avoid the damage which is caused by turning triplexes in the tight areas.

  • Tee Mowers

This golf course equipment can be used as walk-behind mowers or the triplexes depending on the turning area of the golf course along with the budget. Remember during the growing season; the teeing ground is generally mowed with the tee mowers in between 3-5 times per week.

  • Fairway Mowers

These reel mowers are the four-wheel mowers which have 5 -7 cutting units. You can mow the fairways every three or four days a week when turf growth is active. The mowing of the fairway in the regular interval in a week will help in providing the perfect condition for playing golf. 

  • Primary Rough Mowers

The rough is known to occupy the largest mowed turf on the golf course. These mowers can be reel or rotary; however, the rotary mower is most common as they are the more efficient one among both. The primary rough is not the highest playing priority playing golf area; that is why they are not mowed regularly. 

  • Intermediate Rough Mowers

If your golf course ground has the intermediate cut between fairways and primary rough, then you will need intermediate rough mowers. These mowers can be reel as well rotary depending upon the variety of turfgrass which has to be mowed. You need to mow the area around the fairway perimeter of intermediate rough by using this mower. You have to mow the intermediate roughs three to four times a week.

While buying these mowers, you need to do the complete research and should know you want mowers for mowing the turf of which particular area of the golf course. Even using these mowers demands proper knowledge on how to use this golf course equipment and how to mow the turf efficiently. So, you must have the experience of using different types of golf mowers if you want to maintain your golf course. 

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