Destiny 2’s Most Powerful Exotic Will get Controversial Downgrade



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A Destiny 2 Guardian fires Divinity on the moon back when it was at its most powerful.

Picture: Bungie

Destiny 2’s Exotic Trace Rifle Divinity has been the spine of a good deal of players’ arsenals for end match information ever given that it was to start with launched back in the Shadowkeep expansion in 2019. Yesterday, Bungie ultimately introduced a long-awaited nerf to how highly effective it is, and when quite a few are welcoming the adjust, it is also reignited a months-prolonged controversy initially sparked by a person of the game’s best players.

There are two factors that make Divinity a ridiculously useful instrument for Future 2’s most demanding material like raids. To start with, it weakens enemies by 30 per cent, allowing players deal a bunch of additional harm for an extended interval of time. 2nd, it expands the crucial-strike goal space, generating it easy for an complete staff to land increased problems shots, even if their goal isn’t place on. As a consequence, Divinity is the go-to Unique for most actions, and even players who haven’t however acquired the rare weapon have probably benefited from a person else on the staff using it.

So it’s not surprising that Bungie resolved Divinity was overdue a recall. “We’ve been wanting at Divinity for a even though now, and have examined a selection of alterations in Period 19 around the final handful of months, landing on decreasing Divinity’s weaken from 30% to 15%,” Future 2’s weapon team wrote in a weblog article yesterday, previewing a bunch of upcoming balance alterations. Here’s the developer’s expanded reasoning guiding the decision:

We really don’t feel that Divinity in its recent type is truly a equilibrium issue, i.e., it’s not always too potent in isolation. That said, Divinity is unbelievably dominant in endgame PvE for the reason that it trivializes aiming precision weapons and has an exceptionally significant uptime for weaken. The most critical challenge is that Divinity granting 30% weaken sucks the air out of the room for all other weaken resources (these types of as Tether and Tractor Cannon), and we really don’t want to electric power creep earlier Divinity to make them exciting.

TLDR: Bungie wants gamers to make use of Future 2’s total suite of weapons and qualities. Divinity was crowding out other assistance qualities and tools that do comparable points, so Bungie has diminished its usefulness to provide those other tools—like the Hunter’s Tether and the Tractor Cannon Exotic—back into play. Like each and every large decision in Future 2, nonetheless, it is causing no tiny volume of outrage amongst specific pieces of the local community.

The controversy dates back to a now notorious Twitter thread by a participant named Saltagreppo, whose raid staff is three-time world’s first champions (i.e. even amongst Future 2’s top gamers he’s in a course of his have). “The gun is mainly necessary for most Boss encounters and it tends to make aiming a non issue, which is pretty harmful for the sport for numerous reasons,” he wrote on September 8. Saltagreppo went on to say the gun undermined the talent gap in close recreation content, and then available likely methods this sort of as generating gamers select concerning bigger problems or much easier crits. “The total level is that Div shouldn’t be both of those the best and simplest possibility,” he wrote.

The thread did not go around properly with some players, who imagined it was far too targeted on the unique worries of a incredibly modest percentage of elite gamers. They are not “bored” with Divinity. In actuality, they definitely like how it helps make fast do the job of certain raid bosses that might usually bring about a night’s get the job done to close in frustration. A perpetual stress inside of Destiny 2 is that some gamers like feeling super effective, taking advantage of damaged builds, and hammering at the most recent loot exploit. Other folks do not. Specifically the kinds who like competing in raid races and PVP modes like Trials of Osiris. A longtime suspicion among the previous team is that Bungie spends as well much time catering to Destiny 2’s best players and articles creators who are actively playing dozens of hours a week.

So as soon as Bungie announced the nerf, which to be clear is a rather gentle one particular, it seemed like proof to some gamers that Saltagreppo experienced ruined the get together for every person else. On the other hand, the studio designed obvious that this change was planned considerably earlier than the discussion on Twitter. “The Div change was planned right before the spirited debates on social media began,” Future 2’s local community guide tweeted yesterday. “It’s high-quality to give your constructive comments to Bungie, but do not harass everyone in the group for possessing a unique opinion.”

On Reddit, players shared clips from prior podcasts the place the builders pointed out that the concerns with Divinity had been currently on their radar, even if they weren’t but prepared to announce any certain adjustments. But that didn’t halt some from even now striving to blame Saltagreppo for the nerf, or for basically becoming a signifier of Destiny 2’s 1 per cent in what’s arguably an ongoing lowkey class war in between diverse components of the neighborhood. Of course, if you have Divinity in the initially position, permit alone are putting up about it on a message board, you are currently component of Destiny 2’s elite. The weapon continues to be just one of the more concerned Exotics to get, with quite a few quest steps, together with locating hidden rooms in the Backyard garden of Salvation raid by itself. And even with this buff coming later this calendar year in Year 19, it’ll continue to be nicely-truly worth getting. It just won’t be as overpowered as it has been for the very last three several years.



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