Destiny 2 Spectral Pages Bug Blocking Festival Of The Lost Quest Progression



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Bungie has acknowledged a potentially serious issue with the just-launched Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2. Spectral Pages are not correctly manifesting, thereby blocking progress of an early quest that provides access to the rest of the event, according to the studio.

After speaking with Eva at the Tower, the first meaningful task in Festival of the Lost is to run a Haunted Sector. This involves bringing your Spectral Pages into this special version of a Lost Sector (accessed via an event playlist at the Tower), killing pumpkin-headed foes, and transforming those Spectral Pages into Manifested Pages. But this bug blocks that transformation from properly happening; in at least one case observed by GameSpot, the “All Spectral Pages Manifested” notification pops up early in the Haunted Sector activity. When this happens, the activity doesn’t always progress as it should, and the Gone but Not Forgotten questline is unable to advance.


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As this quest is essential to unlocking the remainder of the event, that’s a serious problem. It is possible that repeating the activity is a workaround, but Bungie has not offered any guidance or confirmed when a fix might be implemented. This hopefully won’t take long, as the overall event–and chase for the new title–is a grind-heavy affair, so the sooner you can begin making progress, the better the chance you’ll have of completing it before it concludes on November 8.

Alongside the modified version of the returning Haunted Sector activity, there’s a wealth of new cosmetics to earn, as well as an event card to purchase. This works much like the one during Solstice, letting you pay 1,000 Silver to unlock immediate access to a handful of items and gaining the ability to eventually unlock others. All of this launches alongside a major mid-season update that makes a ton of weapon balance changes and other tweaks and fixes.

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