Cyberpunk 2077 Players Genuinely Hate That A single Edgerunners Baddie



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Adam Smasher is pointing his wrist gun at the camera, preparing to shoot you (or rather, your player character, V).

You seem like a lower of shootable meat, Adam Smasher.
Picture: CD Projekt Purple

If you have expended any time on the online this previous weekend, no matter if Reddit or Twitter or YouTube, you have definitely observed Cyberpunk 2077 all around the timeline again—and for good cause. With the new debut of Studio Trigger’s excellent anime adaptation, Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, supporters the net about have flocked back to CDPR’s Night time Metropolis in the literal hundreds of thousands to stroll the neon streets and shoot some goons. And a astonishing quantity are gunning for one asshole in particular.

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Large spoilers for Edgerunners follow

Set about a yr right before Cyberpunk 2077, Edgerunners follows a reckless yet proficient street kid named David “Dee” Martinez who finds himself in possession of some tremendous-sophisticated military tech after shedding every little thing in a drive-by taking pictures. To endure the harsh streets of Night time Town, David turns into an edgerunner, a black-industry mercenary for seek the services of. When he tends to make reliable close friends together the way to fame and fortune in the 10-episode series, David’s journey is also littered with blood and bullets. Some homies make it out alive. Other folks get crushed less than the weight of Adam Smasher, an Arasaka employee and personal bodyguard to 1 of Cyberpunk 2077‘s most important villains. Adam Smasher is also the extravagant of the web for killing a beloved character.

Hinted at in episode 7 (“Stronger”) and introduced as Edgerunners’ huge undesirable by episode 10 (“My Moon My Man”), Adam Smasher is the key throughline connecting the anime and recreation. And admirers definitely despise his guts. In the anime’s finale, Smasher drops his huge-ass physique on leading of best girl—and lover fave—Rebecca through a tender instant involving the gang. Rebecca is killed, her overall body bloodied and mangled. I guess he life up to his last name, huh? Well, the net desires to smash him far too, particularly considering the fact that he also killed David at the end of Edgerunners.

With the revelation that Adam Smasher is a callous dick who, like Rebecca claimed right before having flattened in the anime, would interrupt folks “having a moment” by slaughtering them, Cyberpunk 2077 supporters could not enable that ruthlessness slide. So, all more than the online are memes of people today plotting their revenge. Redditor AlterRecords posted an graphic of Doomguy fending off demons in hell, with a caption plainly inquiring “where the fuck is Adam Smasher.” Twitter user DeadByRainbows shared a small clip of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Satoru Gojo reshaping Miguel’s encounter with his fists, intimating that Smasher’s following in line. YouTuber Red Smasher’s meme video imagines Christian Bale’s American Psycho character Patrick Bateman on the lookout for, killing, and eventually teabagging the augmented weighty. It is what he justifies.

Even CDPR and Studio Trigger are encouraging people to enact their revenge. Soon after the game’s formal Twitter posted about a sale (that runs on PlayStation until eventually September 28), the anime’s formal Twitter account retweeted it, saying Adam Smasher is yours for the killing if you have the recreation. And which is correct. You face him during Cyberpunk 2077‘s prologue, soon after he calls your V a “cut of fuckable meat.” (Ew.) Although you need to cheat to get rid of him that early, you get a chance to put a legit bullet in his mecha-skull towards the game’s ultimate act. That struggle is not as glorious as David’s bout with the cybernetic bodyguard, but hey! Revenge normally tastes sweet.

Now that Edgerunners is streaming on Netflix, Cyberpunk 2077 is looking at a renewed lease on everyday living. Gamers are returning to Evening Town in droves, with approximately 100,000 people actively playing at any specified time. At the time of this producing, for example, SteamCharts data implies some 105,439 players are driving all around Evening City, some most likely nursing a contemporary vendetta. I know I’ve been.

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Cyberpunk 2077 may possibly be in better form now that CDPR has unveiled its most recent update. Dubbed Patch 1.6, the Edgerunners update provides new side-quests, more garments alternatives, gear from Edgerunners, and copious fixes to stabilize performance. It’s a welcome patch, just one that primes the match for when its only planned growth, Phantom Liberty, drops sometime subsequent 12 months.


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