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Cursebreaker Dev Blog 9 – Impending Playtest, Activity Spots & Lore – The next playtest will go live on Friday Oct 21st!


Beginning future 7 days we’re opening an up-to-date playtest model, which incorporates a bit additional liberty to roam and extra of an emphasis on the questing expertise / main quest pacing. We’re clearly energized to listen to your thoughts on how we’re executing, but at the same time we’re happy to get to exhibit you a (typically) functioning component of our video game, particularly for these of you who didn’t get to perform but. The playtest will go dwell on Friday Oct 21st, we’ll announce it on Steam as effectively as on our twitter (link) if you are following us there.

In the meantime, we assumed we would demonstrate some of the explorable parts of the activity and ramble a little bit about their lore for immersion’s sake.

The Aercrest Manor

As the player, you are placed in the footwear of Lord Rothar Aercrest – the feudal ruler to the distant woodlands of Imberthale. Your journey hence begins from the convenience of your loved ones manor, the place the Aercrests have dominated Imberthale for hundreds of years.

Resting in northern Imberthale, the manor property overlooks the country’s greatest lake – Thalefresh – to one particular side, whilst becoming surrounded by Lordswood to the other. The area’s aiming for a pleasurable “noob aesthetic” with the intention of also accommodating a skippable tutorial even further down development.


In southern Imberthale, a grand city sprawls in the shelter of Mount Silderstone and the branches of River Aure. Haywind is a new metropolis, getting earlier existed as tiny mining and farming communities, Imberthale’s damp and great surroundings only supplied everyday living with hardships. Nonetheless, some many years again that all transformed.

Fleeing the aftershock of a nasty war in distant lands, the Magi of Hydrobor resettled their academy west of Haywind. They brought with them the magical skills to manipulate the weather and before long Haywind’s crops flourished. The land prospered and from amidst the farms, a town commenced to emerge.

But as Haywind’s fortunes have developed, it has captivated some unwelcome interest. A seeming horde of marauding bandits have laid siege to its countryside, bent on extorting the city for all it’s really worth. Haywind struggles to defend by itself – a dilemma further more exasperated by the metropolis mayor’s apparent incompetency.


When Haywind, regardless of its expansion pains, is a metropolis on the rise, Imberthale’s oldest city – Thornhill – is in decline. It is poorly administered and its ruler, the Lord-Mayor Goldbridge, is only intrigued in lining his own pockets. Nepotism and corruption operate rampant and taxation resembles more of a security racket, the place troopers rough up whomever fall short to make payments.

As if that by yourself wasn’t more than enough, the city was lately beset on by a deadly plague. As was befitting of his character, the Lord-Mayor locked himself in his retain while the individuals on the streets experienced. Some cry the plague need to have been the result of witchcraft, of course.

But due to the fact the plague commenced to loosen its grip on the town, the greater part has commenced wanting on their “protector” the Lord-Mayor with escalating disgruntlement. Sad to say their mood is also creating the city’s soldiers behave even more hefty-handed than usual.

Silvermirror Fen

A swamp with a tainted name lies east of Thornhill. Offering address from the eyes of the civilization and being challenging to casually traverse, it has always been appealing to users of the criminal underworld, but also to those people wishing to follow darkish magics. As considerably as people today can try to remember, the swamp has constantly been household to the dreaded ‘Witch of the Swamp’, or the ‘Silvermirror Witch’.

Perhaps in actuality there have been several witches throughout the ages, at times even a coven. But where by actuality and peasants’ imaginations satisfy is that the swamp is certainly a perilous place. Around time its witches have normally kidnapped unsuspecting travelers and by ugly experiments, turned them into various monsters that now prowl the swamp.


These old woods are sacred to the druids of Imberthale, some of whom reside right here. They search with disdain upon the emerging civilization in Haywind to the west and primarily the Magi of Hydrobor – their tampering with the weather risks defiling nature’s sacred order. In their ignorance they might be inviting mother nature to one day lash back again.

Mistywood also gives home to numerous diverse beasts, this sort of as bears, snakes and spiders. But regarded worst of all by the peasantry are the goblins, who have established up many little encampments all through the forest. Logging attempts have without the need of fault become ambushed by the very little creatures and bounties on goblin heads are commonplace. The druids, on the other hand, enjoy the goblins as nature’s way of shielding itself from the greed of human beings.

If you obtained this considerably, thanks for reading through! As normal, we propose you observe us on twitter, where by we put up progress updates and driving the scenes written content consistently. Also experience cost-free to have interaction in discussion with us on our discord server at any time, never be shy to talk to us thoughts and perhaps permit us know which game titles you have been experiencing.


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