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Ever since FromSoftware garnered crucial and professional achievements with its signature Souls components, numerous builders have tried out to replicate that magic with varying degrees of results. Most would agree that the most recognizable component of these game titles is the large degree of problems and other likewise brutal mechanics, but what if you absolutely taken out or altered all those elements to generate a a lot more inviting working experience for newcomers to the style? That is what Acme Gamestudio is seeking to do with Asterigos: Curse of The Stars, and whilst the effects are astonishingly great – some important shortcomings stop the game from soaring to the heights that it can.

Established from the backdrop of a fantastical empire that is greatly motivated by the likes of Greek and Roman mythologies, you consider on the position of Hilda – a younger, impressionable, but fierce warrior of the Northwind Legion who has been sent on a mission to uncover her father’s lacking battalion. We also discover that Hilda’s king has been inflicted with a international curse – and now it falls upon the brave warriors of that legion to vacation to faraway lands in a frantic research for a remedy.

“Set towards the backdrop of a fantastical empire that is heavily encouraged by the likes of Greek and Roman mythologies, you choose on the role of Hilda – a younger, impressionable, but fierce warrior of the Northwind Legion who has been sent on a mission to find her father’s missing battalion. “

This leads Hilda and her father’s battalion to the town of Aphes, wherever the very same curse has turned the denizens into goblins and beasts who crave Stardust – wherever you meet a bunch of people and delve deeper into conspiracies that day back countless numbers upon thousands of a long time. The tale can start off out sluggish, and when it tries to go off to several distinct tangents and examine themes of enjoy, empathy, and betrayals – they all conclude up mixing with each other in this sort of a way that does not let any unique aspect glow as vivid as it could, and the plot turns into bloated with a whole lot of unwanted stuff and specialized particulars that’s doesn’t increase anything to the practical experience.

The characters are fairly distinct, and quite a few have their possess quirks and likable personalities – which is a great modify of tempo from the basic Soulslike method wherever all people is on the brink of descending into madness and should discuss in riddles. For instance, the blacksmith in this recreation is a adorable chatting fox, who phone calls you as her sweetie and reassures you on each conclusion you make (I never keep in mind the past time I experienced these kinds of a supportive blacksmith in any Soulslike match). But the dialogues are really extensive and loaded with uninteresting details and bland crafting, which makes finding via the conversations an complete slog at periods.

The match also options tale possibilities that will have an affect on your character relationships and the environment. An early video game decision permitted me to negotiate a deal with the boss character, but in failing to do so – I experienced to fight the beast which manufactured me search like a careless killer in the eyes of my companions. As such, I tried out to stick close to the moral route for long run amounts – even though I didn’t make any these significant decisions afterwards on. It is a decent program, even though players could have to have to do several playthroughs to see how decisions conclusion up influencing the storyline.


” The dialogues are very lengthy and stuffed with uninteresting facts and bland producing, which can make receiving through the discussions an complete slog at occasions. “

As soon as you are completed with the expositions and introductions, Asterigos puts you into the deep conclude with its overcome. I like to term Asterigos’ overcome method as a soulslite, considering that its gameplay is a lot additional forgiving in phrases of problems than your average Soulslike – at minimum on the normal problems and sure there are trouble alternatives. Though you will have to learn the mindful dance of dodges, blocks, and strikes to get via encounters – you never require to pay out a ton of awareness to the stamina meter considering the fact that that only depletes by a specific amount when blocking a strike. Enemies are also very forgiving, and when there are a lot of enemy varieties – none of them need radically distinct tactics to defeat. Even if you die in the course of overcome or exploration, none of your gathered assets are misplaced – but you are teleported again to your last visited Conduit – which are Asterigos’ equivalent of bonfires.

Hilda can wield two kinds of weapons at the similar time – and you can select from a handful of options these types of as a sword and defend combo, a significant hammer, a pair of daggers, a employees, and a spear. Just about every enables for a a little bit unique playstyle, but I caught with the sword and protect combo for the broad greater part of the runtime together with the hammer for the occasional hefty assault. Each and every weapon is enjoyable to use, and means for upgrading these weapons are abundant – so are not likely to discover on your own dishing out belittling injury to your adversaries. Moreover, you also have additional exclusive moves that can be activated by the use of triggers along with the skill to switch elemental buffs mid-struggle.


“I like to phrase Asterigos’ fight process as a soulslite, due to the fact its gameplay is a large amount extra forgiving in terms of difficulty than your common Soulslike – at least on the standard problems and of course there are issue solutions.”

Yet another fascinating facet about the beat technique is the development. As you get through the sport, you earn XP which provides you with Attribute and Talent factors. The attribute factors will go toward growing your character stats these types of as HP and hurt, though the expertise points can be cashed in to unlock special abilities for your character from the ability tree. Apart from that, the tree also capabilities perks, which give some gameplay benefit at the price tag of a downside. For instance, a perk could possibly raise the efficiency of your well being potions – but in turn, your potion carrying capacity decreases by 4. You can modify your perk loadout or unequip them on the fly, so you can customize your character construct based on the condition at hand. When I didn’t require to fiddle with these devices all that much on the standard difficulty, your mileage could change for larger difficulties.

Where Asterigos sticks carefully to the Soulslike formula is in its exploration department. You start out from a Shelter, where by you make your way to various stages which vary from a ghosted bazaar to a entice-infested mine to superior-walled forts, every single of which is a massive place that loops about alone. There are pretty couple checkpoints on each individual map, so it will become crucial to lookup just about every nook and cranny in search of shortcuts like elevators or locked doors so that subsequent journeys grow to be a ton simpler. Of class, heading off the overwhelmed path also rewards you with extra crafting supplies or consumables – that can make these detours worthwhile.

Every single of these amounts also attributes some NPCs, which will give out simple facet-quests involving fetching some thing for any individual or finding a concealed product somewhere on the map – which as you can guess, are not all that appealing. At the finish of a stage, you are greeted with a boss struggle – and whilst some of them can be pretty tough, they are fairly forgettable for the most component.


“When the sport was reviewed on PlayStation 5 hardware, the technique would not let me obtain the PS5 variation of the game for some cause, so following many unsuccessful tries – I experienced to make do with the PS4 variation. “

Asterigos has some promising factors when it will come to gameplay, but the sport feels sorely lacking in the complex department. The activity seems really bland with lifeless textures and painfully minimal attract distances, and the animations are not as sleek as I’d have appreciated. Enemy AI also has a tendency to glitch out, and there were lots of situations when some enemies wouldn’t respond to my presence at all among other issues.

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars could have been an outstanding really feel-superior soulslike, but for that to come about – the tale facet truly essential to strike dwelling with its themes and writing. Acme Gamestudio has crafted a uncomplicated but hugely customizable fight process along with engaging exploration, but these promising aspects are let down by a lot of complex problems as well. All in all, it’s a decent knowledge, but 1 that could end up becoming astounding if re-iterated on.

The PS4 model of the sport was reviewed on the PlayStation 5 by way of backwards compatibility. 

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