Considering the Old ‘n New in the Landrace Cannabis Strain

The Landrace cannabis strain may have little impact on your everyday life and your general use of cannabis but just take it as a little accessory information to add to your library. Landrace strain is a strain of cannabis that simply evolved in certain areas of the earth before humans became involved in the cultivation of it all.  Some also believe that the Landrace stain is the pure Indica and Sativa before any hybrid breeds were created.

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The Landrace Cannabis Strain – Where it Came From

It is a fact that cannabis first showed up in Central Asia and as the glaciers separated the land masses it separated cannabis into the two different species of hemp and marijuana. Cannabis needs humans to spread it to other parts of the world and to promote its evolution. Without human intervention strains such as Colombia Gold, Thai, and Durban Poison would never have gotten to the height of the psychoactive peak they reached.

So, it is true that the Landrace Cannabis strain does represent a purer sativa and indica type. Another way to more accurately describe the Landrace cannabis strain is that it was what it was because of the environment in which it grew as well as the techniques used to grow it. The physical (phenotype) and chemical (chemotype) characteristics of a cannabis plant are the result of the genetics of the plant as well as the environmental factors that produce it. 

The Landrace Cannabis Strain – Specific Strains

Durban Poison is another one of the landrace cannabis strains, not because it naturally appeared in Africa, but because it was brought to Africa and cultivated in that specific environment and growing conditions. Hailing from the port city of Durban in South Africa, Durban is an energizing strain best known for its unique smell, taste, and bud structure. The savors profile includes anise, earthy spiciness, and sweetness. 

Afghani is a broad-leafed strain with dense buds producing heavy resin which is a perfect solution for hash production. This strain happened to evolve in an arid climate, so its buds mold in high humidity. This demonstrates the importance of the geography that crafted the strain.  Its sweet and earthy smell slides into a dank sedation loved by those looking for relaxation and calm.

Acapulco Gold, an uplifting strain from Mexico, first held the reputation for the standard in cannabis production because of a beautiful appearance. It had a unique characteristic to produce an abundance of THC so definitely not a hemp variety. The unique aroma of toffee is combined with a bit of funky cheese to finish off the taste.

Lamb’s Bread is a landrace strain which originated on the island of Jamaica but better known as Lamb’s Breath.  This is a strain that provides an uplifting feeling for creative endeavors and meditation. It also can give you a sense of intense clarity

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