Commercial Blinds | What are different kinds of commercial blinds available in the market!

There is no commercial place that can be counted complete if they don’t have a proper window treatment. It not only completes the look of the space but, also makes it look more enhanced. If you go out looking for commercial blinds, you will be surprised to see thousands of options available in the market. To choose the right commercial blinds, you need to be well informed about the different types of commercial blinds. 

Knowing what type of blinds are available in the market, you can decide which one will suit you the most. This is the reason why we have decided to share with you the list of different types of commercial blinds readily available in the market. 

Types of commercial blinds

Since we have already mentioned that there are many different types of commercial blinds in the market, we have finally decided to share these different types of blinds with you. Let’s get to it. 

Vertical blinds 

These are the types of commercial blinds that consist of individual slat which hangs from hooks in an upper track. These blinds are easy to operate and this is the reason why it is a perfect choice for commercial spaces. Mostly, these blonds are used for large floor-to-ceiling windows or to cover glass doors. In addition to this, these blinds are also good at helping save energy when the room is not in use. 

Venetial Blinds / Mini Blinds 

Another type of commercial blind that you need to know about is the Venetian blind set. This is the type of commercial blinds in which the slats lay on one another. This is something that looks amazing in a corner office and comes in a variety of colors. This is something that you must definitely check if you are looking for commercial blinds. 

Solar Shades 

The next type of commercial blinds is the solar shades. As the name suggests, these solar shades are exactly what you think it is. These solar blonds are becoming a very popular type of commercial blinds available in the market. While they help you keep the view when they are lowered down, they do protect sun rays to pass through them, preventing the UV rays from entering the room. 

Panel Blinds 

Panel blinds are also counted among the best commercial blinds in the market. This is the type of blinds that slide open and stack on one side without interrupting the opening. So, if this is something you are looking for, you must consider investing in panel blinds. 


Here, we have the list of different types of commercial blinds which will help ease your search for them. Luckily, there are several companies that deal in the best commercial blinds. Pro Blind Shutter is one such company and therefore is one of the best places to go to while searching for commercial blinds. So, what are you waiting for? Contact them if you are in a fix, and they will help make the decision easier. 

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