An Insider Guide To Choosing The Best Firewood For Camping Trip


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Sometimes, all you need is a campsite and a warm campfire!

There is nothing more precious than camping with friends on a cold night and sitting in front of a campfire. The burning fire at your campsite not only offers you warmth but also helps you cook delicious recipes for an adventurous meal time. But what if your firewood does not build a decent campfire? Now that can be a fly in the ointment!

The biggest reason behind your insufficient campfire can be the use of unsuitable firewood. So, as we do not like to see you suffer, we came up with the solution instead of having fun. 

This article lists a few essential things you should consider before purchasing wood from a firewood supplier for camping. Here we go!

  • Seasoned Or Not?

In a perfect world, when a tree is cut, it should split into logs. These logs then need to stack and dry out. This type of wood is known as seasoned wood, known for burning pleasantly for a longer time.

On the other hand, non-seasoned firewood is full of moisture, making it impossible for you to enjoy an efficient and elongated campfire. Therefore, it is a must for you to inquire whether the firewood for sale in Sydney is seasoned or not.

The one left dried for at least six months makes the best choice for camping all night. Another sign that will help you ensure that firewood is properly seasoned is its dark to grey coloring and missing barks.

  • Purposes Of Using Firewood

Which firewood to pick for camping? The answer to this common question depends on how you want to use it – warmth, cooking, or both? If you are looking for slow yet long-burning firewood with a minimal flame to make the most out of it for cooking, go for none other than redgum firewood. 

Further, ironbark firewood is a perfect choice if you and your friends yearn for a wonderful warmth with the least smoke. Being the long-burning, sustainable firewood, it is most likely to make your campfire a dream experience. 

  • Convenient Delivery

You are not alone if you cannot manage a truck or any other source to pick firewood! Unfortunately, this is the case with several firewood customers. It is why we suggest you choose an online firewood delivery service that can ship the logs to your doorsteps. No doubt, most of them ask for an extra fee (shipping fee), but it will still be a cheaper option than investing in truck driver fees and fuel costs.

Closing Words

Camping on a cold night under bright stars comes up with a bundle of joy. Since you would not desire to compromise on your fun while cooking or embracing warmth, it’s important to seek the right firewood from a firewood supplier for camping. Make sure to keep all the above-said pointers in mind when making a purchase. We bet you will then have a gala time camping with friends!

Happy Camping!

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