5 Practical Tips To Arrange For The budget funerals



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When a dear family member dies, and you have to take up the responsibility of arranging the funeral, the first thing that bothers you is the financial part. It is already hard to let go of the person whom you loved a lot. Over and above, spending thousands of dollars to have the beautiful send-off may not be possible for you. At such times, you have to plan for budget funeralsAn experienced funeral director can help you in this regard.

Don’t think that there is any harm in getting the estimates from multiple companies to make the final decision. You should visit the different companies offering funeral management services and get a quotation for the same set of services. The one quoting the minimum amount can be your preference. But don’t forget to ensure that the quality of service will be fine. 

  • Set your budget

Telling every funeral director that you want to have the budget funerals is not the right approach. What is your budget? Unless you tell the directors and companies about your budget for the funeral, you cannot expect the company to provide you with any quotation.

  • Stick to your budget. It is natural to get emotional and keep on adding additional services to the funeral, but you should keep a strict eye on the expense as you won’t be able to pay for more. 
  • With multiple quotes in your pocket, you can actually negotiate the price too. The ultimate aim is to do the best possible funeral for the person who had a deep impact on your life. 
  • Avoid the upsells

Not all funeral companies will support budget funerals. Some of the companies will always put their markups on the merchandise list like the urns, caskets, web pages, or even memorial cards.

You may feel a little low while negating these options to save money. But just ask yourself once- would the person like the idea of spending so much if he or she was alive? If the answer is no, you should never feel low about setting a budget for the funeral. 

  • Skip embalming

A standard practice of funeral is to artificially preserve the body before burial by embalming, using a harmful but expensive chemical called formaldehyde. It can never be a part of budget funerals as the process is costly.

  • You should know that the embalming fluid can pollute the ground besides driving up the funeral costs. 
  • It is not a natural decomposition process as you are artificially trying to preserve the body as long as possible. 

Paying a high amount for going against Nature is not the right way to bid farewell to a good soul.

  • Buy the urn

It is not mandatory to buy pricey urns for burial. Nowadays, you can get affordable urns on online platforms when you intend to have budget funerals. How you say the final goodbye does not depend on what you are showing off but only on your emotional expression. Keeping it simple and affordable is not a sin.

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