Brotato class tier listing – Each individual Brotato course, rated



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Brotato has a number of people that you can pick to endure the waves of enemies. Just about every character has its personal pros and negatives, which can be used to endure all 20 waves. You are accompanied with a variety of weapons and merchandise that can mitigate some shortcomings or amplify your benefits even even more.

All Brotato courses are able of combating off 20 waves of enemies, even at the maximum risk level. Some classes are a lot more potent than others, while some need much better expertise of the match ahead of their talents shine. Though every single participant will have their most loved Brotatos, some will be much easier to use than other people. This table will rank the Brotatos in tiers, by relieve of use.

S RankWell-Rounded, Brawler, Ranger, Ghost, Just one-Armed, Knight
A RankOutrageous, Multitasker, Health practitioner, Bull
B RankOutdated, Fortunate, Mutant, Generalist, Loud, Gladiator, Fast, Engineer
C RankChunky, Wildling, Ill, Pacifist, Explorer, Masochist, Demon
D RankMage, Farmer, Saver, Entrepreneur, Soldier
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S Rank Brotato Courses

  • Well-Rounded
  • Brawler
  • Ranger
  • Ghost
  • One particular-Armed

These Brotatos are chosen since their lessons are easy to decide up and get made use of to. Very well-Rounded has no cons and is the default Brotato to go to. Brawler and Ranger will enable you get made use of to melee and ranged weapons respectively.

Ghost and Knight will emphasize both of those the Dodge and Armor stats respectively, supporting you get made use of to your defensive options whilst benefiting from both. 1-Armed provides you only just one weapon to engage in with, but it can demonstrate to be all you will need and allows you check out item usage.

A Rank Brotato Lessons

  • Ridiculous
  • Multitasker
  • Medical professional
  • Bull

These Brotatos can be effortless to use, but you do have to know how to use them successfully. Insane calls for you to think about significant problems and defeating your enemies quickly, relying on its Exact reward for energy. Multitasker is good for wielding 12 weapons and above, but you need to know how to possibly make use of your multiple weapons or offset the 72% injury loss from wielding that several weapons.

Doctor can help you get used to the Lifesteal stat and how you can get back injury from it, but you will need to know your Health care weapons and how Lifesteal is effective. Bull requires you to be cozy with dealing explosion problems by functioning into enemies, and you must know how to prepare Bull for healing/damage mitigation right before it can be prosperous.

B Rank Brotato Lessons

  • Previous
  • Fortunate
  • Mutant
  • Generalist
  • Loud
  • Gladiator
  • Speedy
  • Engineer

B Rank Brotatos are nevertheless superior, but call for additional familiarity right before you can get the most out of them. Previous and Lucky will assist you get used to enemy pace/the Harvesting stat and the Luck stat respectively, but they aren’t offensive and it can be perplexing to get utilized to them at initially. Mutant has terrific XP gains but you may well battle to offset that with enhanced price ranges.

Generalist helps you equilibrium both of those melee and ranged weapons, but a aim on two sorts of hurt can confuse each players. Loud will have to deal with increased enemy figures, when Gladiator encourages working with unique melee weapons. Fast is fantastic for gamers who can sprint around the battlefield, even though Engineer depends on the Engineering stat, an frequently neglected stat for quite a few Brotatos.

C Rank Brotato Lessons

  • Chunky
  • Wildling
  • Ill
  • Pacifist
  • Explorer
  • Masochist
  • Demon

Any C Rank Brotatos are not lousy to use, but will typically call for major diversifications to your regular system to prevent dropping early on. Chunky necessitates you to have an understanding of that you ought to make investments in Injury and Speed or Chunky just can’t capture up in later on waves. Wildling focuses on obtaining Sticks to offset its absence of Tier II weapons and to take gain of Lifesteal. Ill demands a concentrate on Lifesteal and/or consumable healing to remain alive.

Pacifist necessitates you to consider gain of the Harvesting stat to amount up and holding enemies alive. Explorer will count on getting a lot of trees for its positive aspects. Masochist desires you to establish a long lasting Brotato that can battle after it can take destruction. Demon is helpful, but you want to deal with your Max HP devote on items/devote in Harvesting right before you operate by yourself out of HP.

D Rank Brotato Courses

  • Mage
  • Farmer
  • Saver
  • Entrepreneur
  • Soldier

D Rank Brotatos can nevertheless be handy, but are difficult to use successfully. Mage requires you to function with Elemental problems, these kinds of as Burning. That can be challenging to adapt to early on, particularly if your luck with Elemental weapons is undesirable. Farmer needs Harvesting to thrive, and you have to hope you survive whilst it builds up. Saver desires you to preserve your components to obtain power, and finding the correct equilibrium of investing and conserving is not uncomplicated.

Entrepreneur demands you to offer with losing all of your cash every single round, and spending just about every product to not waste it. Soldier can’t go at all (unless you evenly faucet the movement keys), but not going will price tag you for manager fights.

Each and every Brotato can do well, but some will find the journey more challenging than many others. With these tier lists, you can choose which Brotato assists you study the match, then go down the checklist to learn just about every course.

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