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The Tears of the Kingdom logo crossed out, and replaced with Breath of the Wild 2.

Impression: Nintendo / Kotaku

Nintendo, at any time the iconoclasts, selected the most current Nintendo Direct to announce not the GameCube Zelda remakes we’re specified they’ve previously finished, nor any facts about the future Mario movie, but as an alternative to surprise-expose the formal title of Breath of the Wild 2 . It was The Legend Of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Besides, no, sorry about this, we’re never ever heading to be ready to get out of the routine of calling it Breath of the Wild 2.

Let us be abundantly clear below: Tears of the Kingdom (TotK) is a immediate sequel to Breath of the Wild in a way no Zelda match has been a direct sequel given that 1987’s Zelda II: The Adventure of Connection. Yes, certain, Majora’s Mask adopted on from Ocarina of Time, and Phantom Hourglass picked up right after Wind Waker, but TotK is something else. This is a game that was brazenly produced from the bits left above when they completed BotW, that seemingly builds on the same base map, that commenced improvement as DLC for the previous recreation. This is, beyond any doubt, no issue how brilliant, some additional Breath of the Wild. It’s why this is messing with our brains.

With a couple of weeks absent by to let the title sink in…it hasn’t. I guess it hasn’t for you, either. I wager your mind features you “BotW2” ahead of it begins having difficulties to recall if it is “The Tears” or just “Tears,” then receives missing thinking if it could feasible be “Tears” as in rips…and then, yeah, we can all agree to just not bother.

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Arrive on, it need to at minimum have been The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Tears of the Kingdom. Absolutely sure, they’d perhaps have to release it in a even bigger box to in shape it all on the address, but at the very least it would make some sort of perception. And it is not like Japan is averse to the prolonged title. Say howdy, Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors. Or, you know, White Princess the 2nd ~ Yappari Itto ni Ittemo Soujyanakutemo Ok-na Gotsugou Shugi Gakuen Renai Adventure.

And appear, we at Kotaku know we’re not by yourself in this.

Heck, far far more individuals have found Kotaku’s coverage of the sequel by hunting Google for “BOTW” than anything mentioning tears or kingdoms. People today are heading to be so gradual to transform on this!

It also surely doesn’t assist that when my eyes go through “TOTK” the initial thing I believe of is “TikTok,” and superior lord I never want that time period becoming unwillingly stamped on my mind any extra often than YouTube adverts on my mobile phone presently do.

Of program, this is distracting us from much more significant issues, like how we must be organizing intercontinental protests to ensure Nintendo doesn’t bloody permit weapons split just after you faucet them versus a leaf this time around. Can you think about? Can you envision if they didn’t listen to the overall environment population’s unanimous arrangement that this was a horrible mechanic and the worst part of BotW? Sure. Of course you can. It is Nintendo. I presume they’ll make them split additional generally, but this time just about every break forever cuts down your stamina wheel.

This also appears to be a great time to declare my complete conviction that BotW2 will be unveiled to overlap the close of the Swap period and the start of the Swap: Pro of the XL-dom (simply because they clearly won’t get in touch with that a “Switch 2” will they?). As we all know, one thing going on two times beforehand is proof of a sample as everlasting as Hyperlink battling Ganon in just about every era, so just as Twilight Princess overlapped the GameCube to the Wii, and BotW stood straddled with a leg in Wii U and Switch, there is no doubt in my thoughts this will come about yet again. But also, when it does not, no a single will recall I predicted it with this kind of certainty in an report about a little something else.

In the meantime, let us not idiot ourselves. It’s BotW2 in our hearts, and it always will be. I dread for those people lousy people today in Nintendo’s advertising and marketing section, crying their kingdom tears at our folly.


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