Breaking down Household of the Dragon’s lots of new youngsters and mothers and fathers



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Time jumps are vital to how Residence of the Dragon is telling its story about a tumultuous instant in Targaryen heritage. None of these time jumps are as critical as the 10-calendar year leap episode 6 requires. Though substantially has transformed in King’s Landing in the time the demonstrate skipped, a person shift that has the likely to confuse audiences is the addition of so lots of new people, in the form of the youngsters of Alicent, Rhaenyra, and Daemon.

To assist you keep track of all six children that appeared this episode (which includes five new kinds), here’s a breakdown of Rhaenyra and Alicent’s respective families:

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Rhaenyra’s small children

Jacaerys Velaryon (Leo Hart)

Leo Hart as Jacaerys Valeryon from House of the Dragon. A young boy with longer brown hair stands next to his brother, who has curly brown hair. Both wear chest armor. An arrow points to Jacaerys, who has longer hair.

Picture: Gary Moyes/HBO

Jace is the oldest son of Rhaenyra and Laenor, or probably of Rhaenyra and Ser Harwin Potent, dependent on who you ask. Jace is at this time the heir to the throne following his mother, and a solid child inspite of only being somewhere about 7 a long time outdated. In this episode we see him just about defeat Aegon Targaryen in a bout with wooden swords, regardless of Aegon’s advantages in sizing and age.

Lucerys Velaryon (Harvey Sadler)

Harvey Sadler as Lucerys Velaryon from House of the Dragon. A young boy with longer brown hair stands next to his brother, who has curly brown hair. Both wear chest armor. An arrow points to Lucerys, who has curly hair.

Image: Gary Moyes / HBO

Also recognised as Luke, Lucerys Velaryon is Rhaenyra’s next child and is primarily unremarkable in this episode. He does take place to bear a hanging resemblance to Ser Harwin Solid, his mother’s closest good friend and notably not her partner. Regretably for all associated, this “coincidence” is discovered by literally every person in King’s Landing, drawing Luke’s legitimacy into query.

Joffrey Velaryon (a little one)

Born at the commence of episode 6, Joffrey is Rhaenyra’s youngest little one, for now, and only a child — and hence fairly unremarkable on his very own conditions. He is also likely a bastard fathered by Ser Harwin Powerful. Joffrey is named in honor of Laenor’s useless lover, who was overwhelmed to dying at their marriage by Rhaenyra’s previous lover, so there is a large amount likely on there.

Alicent’s little ones

Aegon Targaryen (Ty Tennant)

Ty Tennant from HBO’s House of the Dragon as Aegon Targaryen, spreading his arms out wide as a challenge to Ser Criston Cole. He wears plate armor and long green sleeves, and has bright long hair.

Photograph: Gary Moyes/HBO

Aegon is one particular of the little ones who was not new to this episode, as we had seen a very little of him prior to the time skip. He is the oldest son of Viserys Targaryen and Alicent Hightower. Any person who is aware even a minimal about Targaryen historical past appreciates Aegon is a daring identify to give a boy or girl. The title of the Westerosi dynasty’s initially king, Aegon usually carries with it a specified implication of acquired (or conquered) kingship. Regrettably, as opposed to the conqueror, the model of Aegon we see in this episode is mainly just a bizarre, spoiled brat.

Aemond Targaryen (Leo Ashton)

Leo Ashton as Aemond Targaryen, losing a sword fight. He has long bright hair and wears a green outfit covered by plate armor.

Picture: Gary Moyes/HBO

Aegon’s more youthful brother, Aemond, is Alicent’s second son. Assume of him as the Prince Daemon of this spouse and children, except with out any of ambition, rashness, or martial prowess that make Daemon who he is — at least not nevertheless. As we see in this episode, Aemond does not have a dragon, a actuality that he spends considerably of his young lifetime incredibly self-mindful about.

Helaena Targaryen (Evie Allen)

The second oldest of Alicent’s young children, Helaena is a weird girl who, in this episode, we see participating in with a substantial bug and counting its legs.

Daemon’s youngsters

Shani Smethhurst and Eva Ossei-Gerning from HBO’s House of the Dragon as Baela Targaryen and Rhaena Targaryen. They have bright locs, and peer out from behind a dresser.

Photo: Ollie Upton/HBO

Baela Targaryen (Shani Smethurst) and Rhaena Targaryen (Eva Ossei-Gerning)

We don’t get a lot from these two this episode. They are the little ones of Daemon and his 2nd wife, Laena Velaryon.

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