Borderlands Spin-Off Wonderlands Will Become A New Franchise

A young girl wearing a witch hat stares at the camera while juggling different colored dice.

Impression: Gearbox / 2K Games

Introduced earlier this 12 months, Little Tina’s Wonderlands has demonstrated to be a big achievement for Gearbox and 2K. In point, it did so well that Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford confirmed that the Borderlands spin-off is now the start out of a manufacturer new franchise, with a lot more Wonderlands content to appear in the long term.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was produced in March of this year and was commonly praised by admirers and critics for its combine of to start with-person capturing, looting, and fantasy tropes. The match is a Borderlands spin-off, starring Very small Tina as she DMs a tabletop RPG featuring other characters voiced by celebs, like Will Arnett’s villainous Dragon Lord. It was produced across most platforms and even though it suffered from some first bugs and relationship difficulties, it’s considering that enhanced and even been given some new DLC about the last handful of months. All in all, it’s a damn excellent game, and it seems it is now the begin of anything greater: a total new franchise.

Gearbox Enjoyment Roadmap States 10 AAA Game titles in Around Long term

Through yesterday’s Embracer Group yearly typical conference, Pitchford talked about how thriving Wonderlands experienced been, saying that it “shattered all” of Gearbox’s vital and professional expectations. Even though this will no question necessarily mean Gearbox and its dad or mum organization Embracer will see some additional funds appear rolling in, the CEO also verified that there was far more Wonderlands-similar content to come, declaring:

“I’m thrilled to report that, in addition to fantastic economic rewards from this victory that will be coming our way in the coming quarters, we have established a agency beachhead and we now obviously have a new franchise on our palms, with foreseeable future ordeals now less than growth at Gearbox.”

It’s unclear what “future experiences” are by now currently being developed. It could be a huge, new paid expansion for Wonderlands or a complete-on sequel. Or perhaps both of those!

For Embracer, this is some much-wanted very good news as an additional a person of its studios, Volition, didn’t have nearly as much achievement with its Saints Row reboot. While I personally savored the match, most other people didn’t, and even Embracer’s CEO seemed unhappy by its reception and profits.


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