Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince Assessment – One more Blooming Experience



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Contemporary homages to typical online video video games frequently go one of two techniques: They both stick close to the gameplay conventions to which they are shelling out tribute, or they develop the original games’ variations in significant and modern techniques. Blossom Tales II: The Minotaur Prince, like its 2017 predecessor, is additional the previous than the latter, adhering intently to the vintage Legend of Zelda blueprint, most notably that of A Link to the Previous. Regardless of this absence of innovation, Blossom Tales II however manages to seize numerous of the acclaimed features of what many take into account to be just one of the biggest video games of all time, and in the procedure, delivers a enjoyment, retro-dealing with journey worth embarking on.

Just after participant-character Lily accidentally unleashes the Minotaur King, who swiftly kidnaps her brother, a new darkish age looms unless she can place a end to the monstrous mythological monarch. To do so, she have to leave the consolation of Blossomdale to trek by pirate-infested swamplands, ghost-haunted mansions, and a monster-crammed desert. I like how every single biome offers various problems and enemies to conquer, and the exploration generally feels organic and intuitive, leading you from 1 screen to the upcoming. I seldom felt misplaced for the duration of my playthrough, which is a testament to the style and design of the open up globe and the dungeons therein.

Unfortunately, even with my satisfaction of the exploration, I almost never felt sufficiently rewarded for poking all over each and every nook and cranny. Treasure supplied for completing even the most tough caverns is frequently gold cash, of which I now experienced far more than I could devote. On exceptional situations, I been given a heart piece to enable me receive extra wellness, but those ended up so rare (and you require four of them to include to your max overall health) that it was minimally interesting. Nevertheless, that didn’t halt me from bombing each and every cracked wall, accumulating each and every merchandise, and fishing every single pond.

Blossom Tales II carries on the series’ hallmark of well-crafted dungeon encounters. Significantly like the planet, the game’s dungeons movement well from area to space, and give you the proper variety of clues to progress with no a great deal frustration. Even though a late labyrinth is probably my favorite many thanks to its sturdy blend of complicated combat and head-scratching puzzles, the dungeons feature great style and design involving minecart tracks, shifting drinking water concentrations, and far more.

Blossom Tales II’s easy beat lacks the sophistication and smoothness of other major-down motion games, but it can make up for it by giving you a prosperity of products and powerups. Genre mainstays like a bow, boomerang, and bombs show up in your stock early on, whilst a yo-yo that functions like a hookshot and a guitar on which you perform spell-inducing music do a lot more than nod at the Zelda sequence. These objects are applied in interesting and gratifying strategies, while I was a lot less enthusiastic about how often I wanted to pause the motion and map a diverse merchandise to the facial area buttons.


The story utilizes an unreliable narrator conference as it’s informed to little ones Lily and Chrys, who also serve as the two most important characters of the journey. On situation, the kids will battle above what they want to come about, and it’s up to you to choose what to do. Nevertheless I enjoy becoming ready to pick what kind of enemies I required to combat or puzzle I needed to address on event, the exceptional storytelling product is underutilized and relegated to only minimal selections.

Blossom Tales II does very little to cover its Zelda inspiration from the player. While it doesn’t achieve the heights of Nintendo’s famous franchise, it does smooth above numerous of the early-‘90s layout conventions current in video games like A Connection to the Previous to supply an adventure able to be liked by players of all ages and encounter ranges. Blossom Tales II is a better game than its predecessor, and I hope we continue to get additional adventures from Lily, Chrys, and their grandpa in the long term.

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