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With the approaching winters, it’s time to start shopping for some winter essentials. And in the chilly season, the best thing anyone could have is a soft and cozy blanket on their bed. Just imagine, it’s cold outside, and you are sitting inside your beautiful tiger blanket. You have a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in your hands and watching “Friends” on the big screen. What a fantastic experience it will be. A beautiful designer blanket not only keeps you warm but also gives an extraordinary experience. If you are thinking of buying blankets soon, then here are our blanket recommendations for you:

Yggdrasil Blanket

This Yggdrasil blanket is inspired by Norse and Celtic mythology. Available in a striking black and golden design, this blanket will make you feel like a king. This blanket is designed keeping in mind the royal theme of the kings. Every time you wake up with this blanket on you, you’ll feel like a king is now awake from the dark to rule the light. If you have a dark-themed bedroom, then this Yggdrasil blanket will make a perfect match for it. 

Mandala Blanket

India is a country of diversity. With more than hundreds of regions, cultures, and traditions, this country is worth visiting. Hinduism is one of the most popular Indian religions. It is the third-largest religion in the world. There are more than 1.25 people who are following this religion globally. The Hindu culture comprises stories of kings, their rules, Gods, etc. Wait, aren’t we were talking about the blankets? Yes, we were, and we shifted our conversation to Hinduism because of the Mandala blanket. 

If you are a great fan of Hinduism or India, you should definitely buy this Mandala blanket. The designs on this blanket are simple yet expressive and are based on Hindu mythology. There are no words to praise the detailing done on this warm piece. Unfortunately, to maintain the classic design of this banket, the color combinations were kept limited. Generally, this blanket is available in two beautiful and attractive color options. Available colors are- Rainbow and regular mint. Both these colors are in high demand in the market. 

If you think that this Mandala blanket is super- expensive, you are wrong. You can purchase this blanket for around $50-60 from Lunafide – a reputed online store. Besides, some sellers also offer payment in installment facilities. 

Muninn Blanket

In an internet survey, More and more people are searching for Norse mythology continuously. This means more and more people are getting interested in learning about Norse. If you have already read enough about Norse, then you might have been impressed by it. Aren’t you? There are people who are crazy about collecting Norse inspired things and essentials. The fan following for Norse is increasing day by day. If you love to collect Norse-inspired items, then this Muninn blanket is something you don’t want to miss. 

This blanket is designed by professional artists that are big fans of Norse mythology. The two eagles are the symbol of good and bad. This Muninn Blanket is like a human being with good and bad, both eagles inside them. This blanket is a good choice for people who have a classic themed bed or bedroom. Talking about the available colors, this alluring blanket is available in mostly two color combinations. One is- black and white, and the other is- red and black. 

Tip: We suggest you buy a blanket online. But why? Because online shopping is much easier and cheaper. Popular and reputed blanket brands take proper care of their customers and offer the highest quality. So save time and money, and shop blankets online.

Final Words

So these were some of our suggestions that you can consider when shopping for designer blankets. Do tell us which blanket from the above list impressed you the most. Also, share your views on which method of shopping is better, online or offline.

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