Best Paints for Interior of Your Home

Your choice for best paints for interior of your home painting projects are not all created equal. Numerous types of interior paint can make choices challenging, but knowing the difference between them makes the job a lot easier and will produce the best results.

Before choosing paints for the interior of your home, know your choices.

Best paints for interior of your home

The type of interior paint you decide to use on any part of the inside of your home will have a great deal of influence on how it looks when you’re done. Paint sheens differ greatly and have a large impact, but basically, interior paint is either latex or oil-based. What’s the difference?

Oil-based paints have a reputation of longevity as well as smoother roll-on and ease in cleaning such surfaces. However longer drying time and need for ventilation can be problematic. Latex based paints are also quite durable, and are effective in resisting dulling or build-up of moisture and mildew, especially when used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens.

Considerations when choosing sheen

Once you’ve decided between an oil-based or latex-based paint, determine what kind of sheen or ‘shine’ you want. Be aware that the higher the sheen, the easier it will be for the eye to find imperfections such as scratches or dings in your walls. Following is a brief description of each.

Flat – Flat paint produces a matte finish that is typically used on drywall. It’s inexpensive but can be difficult to clean in high traffic areas such as hallways. Repeated use of water and sponge can eventually wash away the paint, requiring touchups.

Enamel flats – Like flat paint, an enamel flat provides a matte-like finish but with greater longevity or durability, which makes it easier to clean and reduces the need for retouching. This sheen of paint is typically used in family rooms or children’s bedrooms, and is also effective in kitchen areas for its easy ‘wipe-ability’.

Satin finish – A satin paint adds a little extra sheen or shine to surfaces and provides easy cleaning. Satin paint can be used on most wall surfaces, including kitchens. However, it can be difficult to hide brushstrokes.

Eggshell finish – An eggshell finish paint lies between a flat and satin finish. It doesn’t show flaws as easily as a satin finish, but more than one application or coat may be required. Even so, it’s an ideal choice for family areas as it’s easy to clean.

Semi-gloss – Semi-gloss paint has a higher level of sheen than satin finish paint and is ideal for use on molding, door thresholds, and ceiling or crown moldings and baseboards. It’s easy to clean and is often used in kitchens and bathrooms.

High-gloss – High-gloss paint is especially recommended for wood surfaces such as kitchen and bathroom cabinets, which are prone to moisture. That said, it typically requires more than one coat.

Different rooms and surfaces in your home present different challenges when it comes to finished results, so choose carefully. If you are in the Indianapolis area and are looking for a great painting company, give All Pro Painting Company a call.

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