Base Making function – Less than a Rock

Conveying base creating characteristics in a bit additional detail.

HOW Considerable IS Base Setting up?

Our very long-term target is to offer a large selection of choices, both of those in phrases of belongings and themes. Attractive objects that can be freely put with couple of limitations are portion of this. In Underneath a Rock, there is no limit to how expansive and fleshed out a foundation can be. Efficiency stays the same, no matter what. The look at distance is also infinite, so no much more invisible foundation elements when you are only a small length away.

The functionality assertion and perspective length has presently been examined extensively, it is also not system dependent. Indicating minimum amount spec will experience the identical added benefits.

Using nanite gives infinite view distance, even for player constructed buildings.


There are two build modes that can be switched between seamlessly:

  • Default method, for placing reliable constructions immediately if you have the important resources.
  • Sophisticated manner, that enables you to plan your base building and for your close friends to assist build it by inputting the essential sources. We phone this Ghost Constructing. Meshes can be separately marked as High Precedence, to make it very clear to absolutely everyone what must be focused on. The stuffed dodo in the doorway body is marked as this sort of. Stuffed dodos should usually be superior precedence! We are also contemplating to toss in a colour for “you should not make this nevertheless”, if there is need for it.

Secondary build mode. Plan and build a base together with friends.

OH NO, AAARGH! Foundation JUST Acquired Wrecked

Used hrs, days, months or even months on constructing an awesome seeking base? Can not stand the thought of performing all the nitty gritty specifics once again? This is exactly where ghost developing definitely shines.

Activate the car-saved blueprint of your foundation or a manually saved variation. Any destroyed base things, from the biggest to the smallest, will present up as ghost aspects. All you require to do now is input the essential assets. Considering that this is ghost building, any friendlies can support with the reconstruction procedure.


We strategy on at some point creating it so that all varieties of design blueprints can be saved for later use and also be shared with other players. You are unable to pack down your foundation and unpack it afterwards, but you will be ready to make blueprints and reuse these at other areas as part of the ghost making procedure. Do it for quickly developing a campsite, a storage place, or even a massive base. Provided there is sufficient house readily available for placement.


There will be extremely few policies limiting how and exactly where to construct. On the ground, in the trees, inside of caves, even less than drinking water. We would not stop you, even though the inhabitants may possibly try to.

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