Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 Computer system review — Let’s do the slash warp all over again



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I was under no circumstances particularly crazy about the Gunvolt character’s gameplay. Using tag markers to lock on to enemies and then holding a button till they died was just kind of uninteresting to me. Points improved substantially with the next recreation, which introduced a character that expended his time speedily slamming into enemies alternatively. I was even a lot more enthused when Azure Striker Gunvolt 3‘s announcement uncovered that it would feature another new protagonist. This time, on the other hand, they had a sword. Inti Creates made the Mega Guy Zero games, which are very easily some of my favored 2D action platformers, so my hopes were being substantial.

Enter Kirin. Suffice to say, even though she does have a sword and she does use it in a way that’s rather reminiscent of Zero, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 flips the script and refocuses the standard gameplay loop. Any individual who wasn’t fond of Copen zooming his way by way of levels in advance of almost certainly isn’t all that jazzed about how factors are now. But as another person who totally enjoys impossibly fast action, I imagine the activity is one of the fastest, most furious motion game titles in existence. I to begin with defeat it in about 3 hours and 45 minutes, but that time was invested just annihilating every thing in my route with gusto.


Rather of following up on the dangling plot threads from the past recreation, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 pivots. Gunvolt has reworked into one thing named a Primal Dragon, so the Shadow Yakumo corporation sends a struggle priestess named Kirin to use her fetters to weaken our hero. Gunvolt’s kind will allow radiation to seep out that is started turning other Adepts into Primal Dragons, so Kirin returns him to a little something resembling sanity. Oh, but he’s also some form of dog issue now for some explanation. Then Adepts from yet another country clearly show up to start out stealing the bindings that are keeping Primal Dragons and bay and it’s up to Kirin to cease their plans.

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Stop the 8 fellas once more

It’s kind of astonishing that Inti Generates decided to make a Gunvolt activity where by the titular character isn’t the protagonist. But he’s extremely significantly all over, mind you. As Kirin fights, the Fetters Gauge increases. At the time it hits 100%, Gunvolt can transform back again into his usual variety and you can participate in as him until eventually he operates out of vitality. He plays the exact same as he did prior to, for the most component. In principle, in any case. Utilizing his prevasion and attacking enemies takes advantage of up the gauge a lot quicker, but he continue to tags enemies and shocks them.

The biggest improve is what happens after Kirin and Gunvolt tag enemies. As extensive as an enemy is tagged even a solitary time, possibly character will instantly warp to them with the press of a button. The far more situations you tag them, the more hurt this warp assault will do. Much like its predecessors, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 goes out of its way to continue to keep you from dying, as the supposed “difficulty” here is to get higher scores. But warping totally variations the way you go about this in some significant approaches.

In buy to get the best scores, you’ll want to chain these warp attacks and use them to get rid of enemies without touching the floor. Granted, this isn’t new for the series, but it feels so unique that it might as nicely be. Gunvolt can double bounce, but Kirin gains a further soar each and every time she warps to an enemy. When played as supposed, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 sees you totally tearing by degrees by warping from enemy to enemy. It’s busy and undeniably exhilarating. It will take a bit of practice at very first but it soon gets to be second character. Confident, I to begin with wanted a little something much more like Mega Man Zero at initially, but I’m all for this gameplay loop.

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Dash and slash

The structure below is the identical as it is ever been. You have a prologue and you do 4 amounts with a new Adept boss every single (the initially 4 are Primal Dragons this time all over). Then there’s an interlude, 4 additional Adept stages, and then the trek via the enemy fortress followed by the past manager fights. Kirin frequently learns new sword abilities as you defeat bosses. Even with out taking the warp shenanigans into account, her moveset is flashy, different, and very remarkable. Of course, you can operate all over and hit enemies with your sword with only warping when absolutely needed and the recreation will participate in just fine that way.

Kirin has a common floor combo, a increasing attack, a mid-air attack, an upward mid-air attack, and a downward slash. You’ll do far more destruction to enemies with talismans hooked up to them when utilizing the sword, but it does sufficient damage that you can get them out moderately promptly just by wailing on them. The swordplay doesn’t equivalent Mega Male Zero‘s or something, but it’s still responsive and enjoyable. As an alternative of the tracer dart items Gunvolt uses, Kirin has eight talismans. The far more talismans you slap an enemy with, the far more destruction your attacks will do.

There are a terrific many other choices also. Kirin has 4 styles of unique attacks she can pull off depending on how total the gauge is. You can also equip 4 lively graphic pulses and 4 passive types. These are random drops you get from beating the stages. Lively kinds are usually attacks or therapeutic abilities that you can use on cooldown. Passive types grant unique bonuses, this sort of as raising problems, supplying you a higher max Fetters Gauge, or raising how much encounter Kirin gains. Attain ample and Kirin degrees up, granting her far more wellbeing and further passive slots.

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Bow down ahead of the learn

The moment you make it to the stop of each individual stage, you will battle a boss. Manager battles don’t experience as unique from past video games as the phases do. You can continue to warp slash the bosses, but I truthfully choose to just strike them with Kirin’s sword. Bosses have a few wellbeing chunks and a assortment of moves. They’re enjoyment to fight and these battles really do a wonderful occupation of illustrating just how good the normal overcome feels. Warps are even now particularly useful when it arrives to escaping particular enemy attacks and are the only way you’ll get by way of without having getting injury.

This leads me to the most important situation that Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, as well as its processors, has. Because of to the aforementioned emphasis on scoring, Inti Results in has after all over again gone out of its way to make it hard for you to fall short. I don’t remember truly dying even as soon as through my playthrough on the conventional difficulty. Not only can you recover with impression pulses, but you can change to Gunvolt when issues get dicey and he’ll typically make short do the job of bosses due to how blatantly overpowered he is. He can even do a physique slam go to any enemy with three tags in them, including bosses.

But the most significant issue is Anthem. When Kirin dies, there is a large opportunity for her to promptly change places with an even more overpowered Gunvolt. As significantly as I can explain to, this sort is invincible and under no circumstances operates out. Which means that, regardless of how poor you are at Azure Striker Gunvolt 3, all you need to have to do is cause an Anthem and your victory in opposition to most hard bosses is assured. Some past games allowed you to transform this attribute off, but this match unfortunately doesn’t. This is a disgrace because I’d really like to enjoy a legitimately tough model of this game.

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The moment you defeat the last manager and get the legitimate ending, really hard and merciless issues are selectable. Even on cruel, even though, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 just is not all that difficult due to the over options. Confident, you can unequip all of your impression pulses, but the next an Anthem triggers, you are going to just steamroll the opposition. There is an further DLC manner you can unlock that needs you to perform by way of all the levels as Gunvolt even though the Fetters Gauge is ticking down, but Kirin does not show up to have everything that will push players that never care about finding significant ranks.

It’s truly unfortunate. Just like earlier games, I never had to follow bosses to master their styles in get to ideal them. Even on merciless, you can be fairly careless during the concentrations and nevertheless make it by way of numerous of them without the need of problem. Granted, this is an difficulty that mostly affects all the game titles in this collection, but Luminous Avenger Ix 2 really considerably solved this with a tricky method that essentially experienced some oomph to it. I definitely hope a thing like this is additional for Azure Striker Gunvolt 3.

Really do not get me mistaken, this game is very entertaining and I’m possessing a superior time replaying concentrations by warping as a result of them at gentle speed. The level design itself receives the work carried out, the controls are fantastic, and the battle is addicting unless you merely don’t care for warping. As for the port, it involves the 120 fps alternative we noticed on Xbox not long ago, but windowed resolutions only go up to 1080p and the fullscreen selection (which is seriously borderless) seems to only be 720p, which is alternatively vexing. However, Azure Striker Gunvolt 3 is 1 hell of an action game as long as you really don’t thoughts the disappointing lack of obstacle.

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