Most Common Towing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Towing is a task for which a vehicle needs to have a certain capacity. It is a precision task as well as a heavy one, that isn’t as flexible as hauling and transporting people. Hence, committing mistakes while preparing a vehicle for towing can be a costly affair, especially in respect of safety, that can get threatened for the people who are in and out of the towing vehicle.

But there are some common mistakes that are found to be committed by many the result of which have been grave and fatal. If you want to avoid such misfortunes, all you have to do is follow the basic guidelines that are given in the owner’s manual or the experts who serve at Hyundai dealer showroom.

Maintenance of Trailer Brakes

The towing vehicles that come with trailer brakes, are great vehicles to drive. But along with the benefits come certain responsibilities. Like every other mechanism, even the trailer brakes wear out in time and because of excessive usage.

So, if you are postponing the maintenance schedule for the trailer braking system, you are pushing yourself towards experiencing several braking problems, some of which might be life threatening. The brakes can start smoking, get faded out or even get set on fire. The maintenance schedule for the trailer braking system is at least once in a year, and that should include the test of actuating the mechanism inside the drum as that is the only way to make sure that everything is working as per the specs.

Exceeding the Maximum Limit of Load

One of the most common towing mistake found all over the world is overloading the vehicle, ignoring the maximum weight limit indicated by the manufacturer. This happens because, most workers are not trained enough to follow the rules and they aren’t taught the reasons, why you need to follow them.

Since a vehicle is given the engine with a certain capacity, it will start malfunctioning if you overload it with stuff that weighs more than the maximum towing capacity. By overloading a towing vehicle you are not only taxing the engine beyond proportion, but also pushing the vehicle to lose its body balance and causing severe accident.

Not Using the Right Drive Mode

Most of the modern vehicles that are made ready for towing come with several drive modes that adjust the power supply of the vehicle to swerve the different purposes of transportation, like hauling, towing, off-roading etc. These drive modes work in tune with the automatic transmission and grant as much power the vehicle needs to carry out a task like towing. Hence, it is necessary for the driver to put the vehicle to towing mode, if it is going to tow certain weight. But by not engaging the tow mode, the vehicle doesn’t get enough power supply to execute a precision job like towing.

We found some auto experts of the well-established Hyundai dealership showroom advising the vehicle users to be aware of such common towing mistakes that can lead them towards worst consequences.

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