Atlus Sues SMT Imagine Lover Servers for Copyright Infringement



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Atlus has filed a lawsuit towards two groups linked with fan-operate servers operating the officially-closed on-line RPG Shin Megami Tensei: Envision (or SMT Envision). The lawsuit alleges that the teams violated copyright law in “resurrecting” the recreation with out authorization, as effectively as deriving a financial gain off of the procedure of the SMT Visualize fan server. [Thanks, @MarshSMT!]

Altus Co. at first filed the lawsuit in December 2021. The corporation then requested a summons to each individual of the two groups, heading by the handles Rekuiemu and COMP_hack. These two had been the web page house owners in August and September 2022. The grievance alleges that the house owners violated US copyright legislation by generating and running an “exact copy” of the primary SMT Imagine internet site, distributing the video game for absolutely free, and running a non-public sport server with out authorization.

Among the the outlined infringements, Atlus notes that the internet site for Rekuiemu: Envision (the personal server) “added copyright information” that falsely attributed the internet site to Rekuiemu. Especially, the site listed “Copyright (C) REKUIEMU” together with the names of Atlus, Sega, and developer Cave. As these types of, Atlus alleges that the Envision fan server “has brought about and will keep on to induce irreparable damage” to the business. On top of that, Atlus is requesting the house owners shut down the server, web site, and GitHub, as well as provide financial aid for damages. For its component, the group COMP_hack is accused of facilitating the development of the non-public SMT Consider supporter server, as effectively as of profiting off the alleged copyright violation. The fit lists the accused as “John Doe”, that means that the genuine identities of the individuals or groups focused in the fit are not known or hidden.

Another SMT Imagine lover server, ReImagine, was not named in the match, while its internet site has been taken down at the time of this composing.


Shin Megami Tensei: Think about, also acknowledged as Megami Tensei On line: Consider, was an Mmo that introduced in 2007 in Japan. Two decades later on, the sport introduced in the US. The match featured a genuine time combat method, even though also combining the series’ iconic demon recruitment program. Though the activity experienced a major pursuing in Japan, the game’s US servers shut down in 2014, with Japan subsequent before long just after in 2016.

The SMT Think about supporter server started out in December 2020, and was a wholly unmodified model of the authentic game. Registering for the sport needed no dollars, and equally the web-site and launcher mostly operated in the similar way as the now-defunct formal website and launcher.

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