At Home Workouts for Women before Swimming

We present some exercises to strengthen the legs that you can do before entering the pool or directly in the water.

We all know the importance of legs for swimmers. The propulsive force they provide is vital, especially when we want to increase the pace in a sprint. Therefore, it is easy to assign part of the training sessions to strengthening the lower body. Today we are going to propose three exercises to do next to the pool and in the water.

  1. Squat and sprint:

Place your feet on the edge of the pool with a board in your hands. The exercise consists of a series of squats followed by a sprint of 15 or 25 meters in the water. We remind you how to properly execute a squat:

  1. a) Position of the feet: the feet must be separated by the width of the shoulders or with a slightly superior opening.
  2. b) Back: must be kept in a neutral position throughout the downward and upward movement.
  3. c) Do not separate the heels from the floor and push with the heel and balls of the feet. A very common mistake is to push with your fingers and therefore end up lifting your heels.
  4. d) Knees: Another frequent mistake is to bend your knees too far forward, which adds pressure to your joints. Move your hips back as if you were sitting on an invisible chair, being careful never to pull your knees past the imaginary line that marks your toes.
  5. e) Always try to run the squat in parallel or, in other words, so that the hips are at the same level as the knees.

Use the board to improve balance while running the squats and when you jump into the water immediately begins to push hard with your legs. If you want to work the breaststroke kick, do the squats with your toes facing out. If you want to harden the exercise, hold the board perpendicular to the surface and at least half the hilt to increase the resistance.

5 sets of 10-12 squats + a sprint of 15/25 m. 50/100 m of smooth swimming between sets to recover or a rest of 1’30 “. It would be the best for you to perform this at home workout plan before commencing the swimming.

  1. Jumps in the water:

The pool should be between 1.20 and 1.50 m deep for this exercise. It is simply jumping as high as you can, and doing it half immersed in water reduces the risk of injury. Use your arms to propel yourself as you jump.

5 sets of 12 jumps with 50/100 m of soft swimming only with legs between sets.

  1. Vertical Legs:

For this exercise they need at least two meters of depth. It consists of offering resistance to the force of gravity using only the legs. That means that you have the body upright, rather than the horizontal of swimming, and you do not move from the site.

Depending upon your ability you can execute a butterfly kick, crawl or breaststroke. To harden the exercise, raise your arms: the more they extend out of the water, the greater the effect of gravity.

For starters you can use fins.

4 series of 30 “and 1 ‘rest or 6 series of increasing duration (2 × 10”, 2 × 20 “, 2 × 30”) also with 1’ rest.

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