Are clip in extenstions Safe for Your Hair?



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Are clip in extensions safe for your hair? Many women want extensions but do not know much about them which makes it more difficult to make decisions about them. If you have been searching for a way to switch up your hairstyle and are considering clip-in extensions, this article is for you.

Hair extensions will provide your hair with a longer, fuller look and style without you having to commit to not only growing your hair, which can take years to achieve, but also to have to style it to achieve the look you want which will take up more of your time and energy.

There is an array of different types of hair extensions available which can be intimidating for someone who is new to the world of hair extensions. For example, you can choose between extensions that are made of human hair or ones that feature synthetic hair. There are also a ton of colors and lengths to choose from.

Here are several key points to teach you more about hair extensions and will answer the question if they are safe for your natural hair.

Choosing Extensions

You can choose from either clip-in extensions or tape-in hair extensions, but each has its pros and cons. Clip-in extensions seem to be easier to use at home and safer for your hair since you can remove them easily without pulling any of your natural hairs from your head.

All About Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions are created in a strand of pieces that are attached to a base with fabric. They are easier to apply since you can simply click the pieces into the sections of your hair by yourself in the areas in which you want them. If you opt for the human hair extensions, you can even heat style them with a straightener or curling iron to match the style and look you’re going for at that particular time.

Clip in extensions are also more affordable than tape-in extensions, and they work best for you when you are simply going for a one time use or a once in a while fun look and will not be wearing them on a daily basis. Tape in extensions do provide a more lasting style but can be harder on your natural hair since they are glued at the base before being heated and taped to your real hair. Tape-in extensions should be applied by a hairstylist unless you have your own salon experience.

Both are Safe

Both clip-in hair extensions and tape-in hair extensions are safe and do not contain chemicals that can irritate your scalp or cause an adverse reaction. Human hair extensions are a better option than synthetic ones because they are natural.

Easy to Manage

Clip-in extensions, as well as tape-in ones, can be left in your hair for several days, and you can even shampoo and style your hair the way you want to. You should simply avoid shampoo and conditioners that contain alcohol since that can be damaging to your extensions as well as your natural hair.

To obtain the best hair extensions for you and your hair to achieve the style and look you want to have, you should consult with stylists at a professional hair salon that has the experience and knowledge you can trust and depend upon. If you have been searching for a professional hair salon that offers the best hair extensions that are safe for you to use, contact the hair extension professionals at The Glam House today!

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