Here Is All You Need to Know About Apple Watch Screen Protection

Apple products are known for perfection from all aspects whether it is their hardware or software. They launch every single gadget only after ensuring its feasibility in the real world. In the market of smartwatches, this brand is currently leading with Apple Watch 6th edition. It is an expensive gadget that costs almost similar to the value of an iPhone. Therefore, it’s safety will obviously be a primary concern for every owner. When we talk about the safety aspects of a smartwatch, its display panes come at the top priority. It remains prone to accidental damages. Once the display is damaged, your expense is of no use despite its sensors working perfectly. Here we are going to understand the significance of screen protection and what comes by default on the display panels of Apple watches

Knowing the latest Apple watch display material 

From series 1 to series 6, the Apple watch has evolved a lot with sensors and functionalities. Ion-X glass is the signature display protection provided by Apple from series 1. However, the latest edition comes with a laminated retina display. It is made up of single-crystal sapphire that adds extra toughness and scratch resistance. You will get Ion-X glass in the aluminum version. The stainless steel and titanium versions are equipped with crystal sapphire. Let’s understand their differences in detail here. 

Ion-X glass Vs. Sapphire crystal

Ion-X Glass is produced by giving a glass hot potassium salt bath. It increases the density and resistance of the glass. From the perspective of strength and flexibility, Ion-X glass is a great option. Sapphire crystal, on the other hand, is basically a series of corundum crystals that are colorless. These crystals are highly scratch-resistant but Ion-X glass provides better damage protection from cracks. Scratches are obviously more tolerable as compared to the entire damaged glass because replacement remains the only option in that case. Scratches are actually preventable by taking some safety steps. Buy an Apple watch glass screen protector for your peace of mind. Scroll down to know more. 

Apple watch screen protectors 

Here is a list of screen protectors you can find in the market:- 

  • Tempered glass
  • PET Plastic
  • Privacy screen protector
  • TPU plastic
  • Anti-glare glass

A screen protector should be robust enough to bear all potential damage threats. After comparing the agility, durability and scratch-resistance properties of all protectors, we concluded that tempered glass is the best option to consider. You can buy an Apple watch screen protector in 44mm, 42mm, 40mm and 38mm sizes. Not just for durability but we are recommending tempered glass because of multiple reasons as mentioned below. 

Benefits of using a tempered glass Apple watch screen protector

  1. Toughened tempered glass is great heat resistant. In the outdoor conditions, it will keep your watch display a few degrees cooler. 
  2. It is crystal clear as compared to TPU plastic and anti glare glasses that give you much better visibility in all lighting conditions.  
  3. Tempered glass provides 65% more UV resistance as compared to other glasses available in the market. 
  4. Its impact-resistance is incredible as compared to the normal glass layer. Also, tempered glasses are highly scratch-resistant. 

If your smartwatch has Ion-X glass by default, scratch resistance is the major issue to consider. With a good quality tempered glass layer, you can prevent it from all kinds of unwanted impacts. It is also suitable for single-crystal sapphire display. An extra layer will provide adequate protection in extreme conditions.

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