App Army Assemble: Automatoys – “Does this puzzler recreate the emotion of actively playing with toy mazes?”



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Automatoys is a puzzle game that aims to emulate those people mechanical toys exactly where you navigate a ball close to a collection of traps. Whilst it’s certain to produce emotions of nostalgia in gamers of a certain age, does it deal with to recreate the tactile aspect of taking pleasure in this variety of toy? We handed the game more than to our Application Military to locate out.

Here is what they mentioned:

Brian Wigington

I have often loved gadgets and puzzle-y toys with numerous transferring sections and this sort of as well as mazes. Automatoys is a rather very good video game with a neat, easy style for like-minded gamers. Your endeavor is easy and uncomplicated. Get the little ball by way of a variety of physical puzzles to the closing spot without losing it. The controls are rather easy thankfully as most steps just contain tapping the screen or tapping and keeping to time items properly.

The ranges are built with a colourful palette loaded with stairs, going platforms, tilting puzzles, and virtually pinball-like launching mechanisms. At to start with, I was a little bit pressured considering that you are timed on how swiftly you finish the amount which I think contributes to your stars earned. Nonetheless, I acquired to take it easy and only get a truly feel for how the puzzles labored and the “stream” of just about every level.

The video game gives a first rate but not far too hard problem and I hope the developer provides extra concentrations to make the activity for a longer time. The seems and new music and unobtrusive and respectable if not stellar. If you like physics puzzlers then I say it is worth a try as I discovered myself completing 6 or 7 levels prior to creating myself place it down to complete executing house chores.

Oksana Ryan

How to sum up this activity? Terrific entertaining. I enjoy puzzle game titles and this just one didn’t disappoint. From the colourful graphics to the twisting, turning, and leaping, earning this just a tad a lot more complicated gameplay, it was a pleasure to play. It was fantastic to just decide up and enjoy and the controls ended up effortless to learn. There were instances when timing was crucial but there has to be a obstacle to make it well worth playing. And no need to have to worry if points go awry mainly because you can commence in excess of with the reset button. I don’t consider there is anything at all else to say about this video game except that I’d absolutely recommend it.

Robert Maines

Automatoys is a really nicely-presented puzzler exactly where you guideline your ball through an isometric maze to the exit. Of course, it’s more complex than that as the path to the exit is full of road blocks that you will have to information your ball past, some that will ship you back again to the starting of the degree if you mess up or make you start with a new ball. This is in which the touch controls make the match aggravating at moments as some hurdles are very finicky to get previous making use of the touch display screen. Not numerous stages, but getting three stars on just about every level is likely to consider time, will get a thumbs up from me.

Bruno Ramalho

Like going to a honest and acquiring just one of individuals devices where you insert a coin, and then have to use a joystick to manipulate all types of levers and ramps to get the ball to the conclude, and gain a prize. It genuinely appears to be and feels genuine, and you just want to place an additional coin in the device to get that ball to the finish. Brilliant style, wonderful graphics, a relaxing soundtrack, and 13 pressure-absolutely free puzzles the place you have to get the timing proper and discover wherever the upcoming lure is.

The a person which will send out you back again to the starting. You can do it at your possess rate, but if you want all a few stars, you will have to be fast. And which is some thing pretty enjoyable to get, try out, all over again and all over again, not only to get to the conclude but to get there on the initially run, not ready one 2nd for some system or lever to change. You can test the first 3 devices for cost-free, but I am guaranteed you are going to want to check out the other 10 for guaranteed


Jason Rosner

The Application Retail store is house to some of not only the finest video games on the industry nowadays, but also some of the most appealing, modern, and inventive types. Just take Automatoys for instance. It’s a new puzzler with these imaginatively made mechanical machines that you press, pull, twist, and convert to get a ball from start off to finish. It all took me again to my childhood, reminding me of subject excursions to the museum of science. The obstacle below is created by various hurdles that attempt their best to gradual you down blocking you from obtaining a best 3 stars.

However, there’s no genuine penalty for failing with the means to instantly restart, which would make for a incredibly satisfying, pressure-totally free working experience. Automatoys seem purposefully made for everybody to be in a position to get pleasure from. The graphics have pleasant bold colours which just about pop on display with a quite cleanse seem, and the new music matches the relaxed temper-changing tacks with every phase. Even though the game’s instead small, it’s all so lovingly crafted that it hardly ever can take anything at all absent aside from wanting more. I’d really like to see the developer keep on to include to what is presently right here, anything like a amount editor exactly where you could develop and share would in shape this correctly.

Mark Abukoff

This is a very neat puzzle video game, involving manoeuvring a minimal ball by means of all kinds of puzzles and products to access the target, the stop of the degree. I really favored this recreation for its incredibly creative equipment. It has a pretty serious actual physical sense to it. It’s uncomplicated to be pulled into the concept that you are manipulating a serious puzzle. I was very pleased with that. I did discover the controls from time to time not rather as sensitive as I wished. I uncovered myself possessing to swipe with a bit of power.

But I generally manufactured out pretty very well, and if the controls have been more sensitive, then precision (which is a must in this sport) would have endured. And I’ll admit to a bit of disappointment a number of instances as a barely missed opening sent me back to the begin. But that only gave me increased pleasure in the conclusion. All in all a pretty good working experience and a charming and creative (if instead brief) match. Kudos to the developer. Attempt the sample and get completely ready to obtain the total video game.

Sangeet Shukla

Outstanding illustration of easy puzzle strategies and viewing how matters are going on on the screen helps make me come to feel like a modest baby. The puzzles are also sufficiently hard in which the recreation is too quick, but give a a single-of-a-sort gaming expertise that you may recall for a extended time.

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