All Star Wars Imperial Ranks, Detailed



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A full listing of all Star Wars Imperial Ranks.

In the Star Wars Universe, the Empire’s army and governing administration have a extensive and storied history. We’ve viewed Moffs, Admirals, and Directors, among other ranks and titles, producing it difficult to monitor and make perception of it all. Here’s a comprehensive listing of all the Star Wars Imperial Ranks.

All Imperial Ranks in Star Wars

  • Imperial Navy
    • The Imperial Navy is composed of the space armed service forces aboard ships and vessels and is the largest of the branches. Notables: Grand Admiral Thrawn, Admiral Piett, Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax
      • Lord Admiral
      • Grand Admiral
      • Fleet Admiral
      • Admiral
      • Vice Admiral
      • Rear Admiral
      • Commodore
      • Captain
      • Commander
      • Lieutenant Commander
      • Lieutenant
      • Lieutenant Junior Grade
      • Ensign
      • Command Flight Sergeant
      • Grasp Flight Sergeant
      • Flight Sergeant
      • Flight Corporal
      • Crewman
      • Recruit
  • Imperial Military
    • The Imperial Military is composed of the rank and file ground armed forces troops that get the job done in conjunction with the Imperial Navy to safeguard the Empire’s territories. Notables: Normal Veers, Normal Tagge, Colonel Bergon
      • Lord General
      • Grand General
      • Command Common
      • Normal
      • Lieutenant Normal
      • Major Standard
      • Brigadier Standard
      • Colonel
      • Lieutenant Colonel
      • Key
      • Captain
      • 1st Lieutenant
      • 2nd Lieutenant
      • Command Sergeant
      • Grasp Sergeant
      • Sergeant
      • Corporal
      • Personal
      • Recruit
  • Imperial Intelligence
    • The Imperial Intelligence department is a mainly civilian firm of the Empire tasked to recognize and review threats to the Empire via exterior resources. Notables: Ysanne Isard, Director Krennic
      • Director
      • Deputy Director
      • Bureau Chief
      • Assistant Bureau Chief
      • Main
      • Assistant Main
      • Particular Agent
      • Team Agent
      • Senior Agent
      • Agent
      • Junior Agent
      • Trainee
  • Imperial Safety Bureau (ISB)
    • The Imperial Stability Bureau (ISB) was charged with guarding the interior protection of the Empire and maintaining the loyalty of its citizens. Notables: Agent Kallus, Lieutenant Dedra Meero, Colonel Yularen.
      • Director
      • Vice Director
      • Colonel
      • Lieutenant Colonel
      • Main
      • Lieutenant
      • Senior Agent
      • Agent
      • Sergeant
      • Corporal
      • Trooper
  • Regional Governing administration
    • Regional Federal government rated officers oversaw and governed the many devices of the galaxy below Imperial rule. Notables: Grand Moff Tarkin, Moff Gideon.
      • Grand Moff
      • Moff
      • Sector Adjutant
      • Governor
      • Lieutenant Governor
      • Senior Prefect
      • Prefect
      • Provisional Prefect
      • Chief Superintendant
      • Superintendent
      • Planetary Superintendant
      • Senior Assitant
      • Junior Assistant
      • Recruit

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