All Apex Legends Cellular Aftershow Struggle Move Benefits



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Apex Legends Mobile’s third battle move of the time arrived past night time via the Aftershow update, bringing with it a bevy of vibrant cosmetic goods for players to unlock. But the Aftershow battle go differs from previous Apex Legends Cell fight passes in a variety of strategies–primarily when it will come to size and selling price.

The Aftershow struggle move is shorter than past seasons’ struggle passes, with 20 reward stages instead of the conventional 50. Owing to the lowered selection of prizes in this go, its price tag has been lowered appropriately. The high quality variation of the Aftershow struggle pass is a mere 299 Syndicate Gold (approximately $3 USD), when the regular variation of the struggle go is cost-free. There is no “High quality Moreover” pass with extra cosmetics and XP boosts obtainable this period–just the common totally free battle pass, and the $3 quality edition.

Regardless of its shortened length, this abbreviated fight go has no lack of goodies for gamers to unlock. Beneath is a listing of all the non-cosmetic goodies integrated in this battle move, and the place you can come across them:


Flux is a currency utilized to unlock specific skins from the “Crafting” area of the in-sport keep. Flux comes in sets of 50 and 100. You can uncover Flux at the subsequent levels: 4 (50), 8 (50), 12 (100), 16 (100), and 17 (100).

Syndicate Gold

Syndicate Gold is the game’s quality currency, akin to the Apex Cash located in the console and Computer system variations of the recreation. Syndicate gold arrives in sets of 50, and can be found at the following ranges: 2, 6, 9, 11, 13, and 19.

Pack Parts

Pack Parts occur in sets of 5. Collecting 10 Pack Parts allows you to unlock a Syndicate Pack. Pack Parts can be found at levels 4 and 14 of the Aftershow fight pass.

Syndicate Packs

Syndicate Packs unlock a few random beauty things when opened. Syndicate packs can be found at amounts 1 and 16 of the Aftershow fight move.

Legend Fragments

Legend Fragments come in sets of two, and amassing 10 of them will allow you to unlock a given season’s debut legend for absolutely free. Because the Aftershow update did not introduce a new legend to the video game, these Legend Fragments provide players with a one of a kind opportunity to unlock any legend in the activity. The Legend Fragments may possibly also be saved to unlock new legends in the long term.

Legend fragments are positioned at ranges 3, 7, 11, 13, and 19 of the Aftershow struggle go.

Furthermore, Bangalore, Loba, and Wraith every single get the following established of stat trackers upon completing the struggle move:

  • Hyperbeat: Kills
  • Hyperbeat: Wins
  • Hyperbeat: Destruction Finished

Gamers who finish the Aftershow struggle move will gain a complete of:

  • 450 Flux
  • 300 Syndicate Gold
  • 3 Syndicate Packs (counting the Syndicate Pack attained from combining Pack Items)
  • 10 Legend Fragments
  • Hyperbeat Stat Trackers for Bangalore, Loba, and Wraith

But cosmetics are exactly where the real exciting lies. Scroll by means of the gallery underneath for a shut-up search at each and every and every single reward involved in the Aftershow fight pass–which include all the new cosmetic things.

Apex Legends Cellular is accessible for download on Android and iOS equipment.

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