Advantages & Disadvantages of SVG Format

Before we start looking into SVG format you should know about the two basic graphic types those are widely used in graphic designing. One is known as raster graphics and the other is called vector graphics. Raster graphics is an older form of graphics. The good thing about this format is they produce high quality images. It conveys the change-flow of colors in a subtle manner. While if you try to increase the size by enlarging the image then it starts loosing its quality which is a major drawback.It also takes a lot of space when the size is expanded more than its normal size. Hence they can be used for free resolution web pages oven the desktop or the mobile. Instead they are widely used for mock up or graphical objects, editing photos or showing colors at large.

Now as you know about the raster graphics we can move further to the SVG file that is Scalable Vector Graphics which were introduced in 1999. These files were invented to design, develop and implement to enhance the elements of an image such as drawings, objects and figures in the form of XML.

Advantages and Disadvantages
SVG files are smaller in size and the elements of the image make it light that takes less space as compared to the same image created in raster format.

– SVG files are flexible to work with when it comes to change the graphical setting quickly using CSS over the site. The graphical settings include position of the logo or the background color on the page. These files are easily editable in any editor.

– SVG files are easily scalable and does not looses its quality or pixel. While in the case of raster images they get distorted with expansion. Therefore SVG format is quite useful in Retina apps and devices where the uses are tend to increase or decrease the size of the image.

– The content written in SVG files is easily readable. Linke Mickey Mouse SVG or any Disney Monogram are great examples of SVG format those can be used in printing on t-shirts or mugs.

– The file size quickly expands when it is dragged to expand so one has to take care while increasing the size.

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