A Quick Guide To Baby Burp Cloths



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A Quick Guide To Baby Burp Cloths

Did you know that at an average, 250 babies are born every single minute? It means more than 130 babies per year, with a considerable number being born to new parents. These new parents usually have no idea of the parenting techniques and the right ways to handle the tint fellow. 

They may have learned a few things from the parents, relatives, or friends, but they still have a lot more to explore. However, the biggest surprise they are going to get is the spits of food. 

You see, the babies have weak back and neck, which made it crucial for the parent to burp them. It will help them to expel the air ingested while eating and maintain their health. But often, the air doesn’t come alone. It is accompanied by bits of food that spill over both the baby and the one holding him/her.

This is the part where the organic burp cloths come in handy. They are small towel-like things that contain the spills. You have to make sure that you have a whole stanch of them for your baby. Plus, you should also consider the following features to ensure they provide their functionality without harming your baby. 


The baby’s skin is soft and tender. It can easily get scratched and bruised with a rough clothing material. Therefore, the first requirement of baby burp cloths is softness. Usually, a piece developed from cotton works the best. The material is light, soft, and offers excellent absorption. 

You should also pay attention to the print and texture of the clothing. Every paint used on the fabric needs to be waterproof. The burp cloth pattern, on the other hand, should be simple and allow the spill to roll out easily. It’s important because if the food stays stuck for some time, it may cause infection. 


The burp cloth need not be very long or wide, but it should have a decent area to cover your baby. Usually, the best burp cloths will have enough area to cover the baby’s shoulders, front, and back. It’s best to go for this size as there is no way to predict where your baby will spit. 

However, don’t overdo the size part. It will make it difficult for you to hold the baby properly and compromise the baby’s comfort. The extra-large cloth will also add weight, which is not a good thing for the baby’s tender bone and weak body. 


The burp cloths are reusable pieces of cloth. It means you will, at some stage, need to wash them. In fact, sometimes, you will need to pass it through a tough cleaning routine to clean the piece. Therefore, make sure that the cloth you buy could withstand brisk cleaning. It should also be able to endure your area’s natural weather condition, so you can dry it naturally.    

Final Words

When it comes to babies, there is nothing a parent wouldn’t do to ensure their safety. So, many of them go directly to the most expensive burp clothes. It’s a good thing as the expensive or branded burp cloths are good in quality, but you don’t have to do it every time. As long as the cloth stays in place, doesn’t cause itching, and has the above-mentioned features, it will work just fine.

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