A Plague Tale: Requiem — Chapter 9 Windmill Puzzle Remedy

A Plague Tale: Requiem is loaded with puzzles to solve as Amicia and Hugo unravel the thriller of the Macula. Most are more compact, more guided affairs, but Chapter 9 offers the game’s biggest secret, which also offers its very best reward.

As you take a look at the island, you can expect to be let unfastened into a large open region, and by subsequent the Phoenix statues in this article, you are going to notice a huge hill with 4 windmills. This is essentially the puzzle by itself, so this is the resolution.

How to Clear up the Windmill Puzzle

If you explored the region all over the windmills, you may perhaps have learned a slope that prospects down with some stone arches. At the bottom of the slope, you can discover a gap that sales opportunities to a cave, where by a mysterious stone mural displays a windmill. That’s a trace for the puzzle, but you do not really require to obtain it in buy to solve the puzzle alone you’ll continue to require to know the area, as that’s wherever you are going to be going up coming. 

From the appropriate when experiencing them head-on, we are going to number the windmills a single by four. Primarily, you want to reverse the latest position of windmills 1, two, and 4, possibly turning them on or off, respectively. You are not able to presently enter the third windmill, as the cart you will need to shift is trapped.

Windmill 1 

Head to the very first windmill and, open the door. Go up the stairs inside to the system. Interact with the machine and push it in to make the windmill quit. 

Windmill 2

Now head to the 2nd windmill and go about to the again. Listed here you’ll see a rope tied to a publish a short distance away interact with it to pull the rope, which would make the box topple off the system. Now climb up the system, crouch down, and transfer into the windmill. After once again, interact with the machine you obtain, and thrust it in, then leave by means of the entrance doorway. 

Windmill 4

Now head around to the fourth windmill, and look for a cart on the remaining side. You can crawl beneath this cart, then climb the ladder in advance.

Soon after climbing up the ladder, acquire out your sling and seem by the window. Aim at the chain holding the entrance door shut. Get out the chain, climb down, then head inside and to the mechanism. This time pull it out in purchase to make the windmill start.

At this place, Amicia and Sophia will remark on the shaking and seem that echoes out, noting that it sounds significantly away. If you bear in mind how to get again to the gap major underground, head there now, in any other case we will manual you there. 

How to Get the Bracer in A Plague Tale: Requiem

Head straight behind the 3rd windmill, and you really should see the established of stone arches heading down the hill. Stick to it to the base, then immediately switch to the right and you ought to see the hole.

Soon after you climb down, all you will need to do is merely abide by the linear path to the really end (it really is pretty lengthy). At the end, you are going to see a pair of treasure chests. Open these, but what you actually want is the minimal box sitting on the barrel. Opening it offers Amicia an historical bracer that’s routinely geared up, substantially escalating the rate at which you get well right after having knocked down by an enemy. 

Now that you’ve got solved Chapter 9’s windmill puzzle and gotten the bracer, you really should have an even much easier time, specially in the later chapters of A Plague Tale: Innocence, which throw a ton of battle encounters your way. Make guaranteed to examine out our evaluate of the game, and our guideline on how to defeat armored enemies

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